Coffee Chat No. 14 | Links I Love

Hey! How the hell are ya?! I’m coming off a stay-cation that we had at home last week, so it’s always a little touch and go trying to get back into a routine. Especially when we’re only two weeks out from our actual vacation. But, hey – can’t complain about…

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September 2018 Reads & Reviews

Hey! Let’s start this Monday morning right. Time to grab your favorite hot beverage and load up Goodreads – let’s talk September 2018 reads and reviews.   My Top Picks … How to Walk Away by Katherine Center girl learns to rebuild her life after a life-altering accident THIS BOOK.…

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11 Things I Loved in August

Hey, hey September! I definitely had the intention of getting this post up yesterday, but with the holiday weekend/short workweek my brain can’t seem to figure out what day it is. You know how it is! On the upside, now I can linkup with Kristen while I chat about 11…

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Let’s Talk Guilty Pleasures

Let’s talk guilty pleasures for this month’s personal, get-to-know me post. We all have and experience them! This was a fun list to come up with – no shock here that most of mine involve food, music and TV/movies. The three primary things that make my life go ’round. 😉…

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