House Project Plans for 2021

I enjoy putting together a house project list every year. Not only is it fun to dream big (and realistically), it also helps us decide what the priorities are and map out a budget for the year.   Reflecting back on last year’s house update, so much of that post…

What I Read in December 2020 + Reviews

It’s about that time to close out the last year of reading with reviews for what I read in December 2020. As I usually do around the holidays, I went in heavy with the romances and rom-coms – that’s about all my attention-span could handle.   What I Read in…

Our Christmas 2020 Decor

With the holiday upon us – when the hell did that happen?! – I want to share some of our Christmas 2020 decor! Admittedly, I love doing these posts because it becomes a reference point when it comes time to decorate the following year. While our decor is relatively simple,…

What I Read in November 2020 + Reviews

This will be the first time in a few years that I more than likely won’t meet my Goodreads reading goal, but hey – #2020. That said, I’m glad that what I read in November 2020 and in the first week of this month have been enjoyable and brought me…

Hi, I'm Karly! I currently live in Wisconsin with my husband and dog. This little online corner is dedicated to my love of "just saying" about anything and everything - especially affordable finds, books and home design.

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