Redesigned Family Room Plans

Thanks to ‘rona, this will be the first time in seven years that Ryan and I will be home on our wedding anniversary. But, I guess that’s not entirely bad … why? Well, since we can’t travel we’re instead putting that money toward redesigning our family room! Happy freakin’ anniversary to us and especially me since I’ve been pushing for this redo for YEARS.

The family room is a testament to just how far we’ve come with our renovation skills. It was our first house project ever (the original mood board gave me the biggest laugh!). Ryan had minimal handyman knowledge, and I leaned in hard to the ever-popular farmhouse style. Who didn’t in 2015-2016?! 

Remember when the family room looked like this right after we moved in?

Here’s the most-recent picture I have of the whole room. Clearly, I have a thing for only photographing the family room at Christmastime!

Our Home at Christmas 2019
Fast-forward to now, Ryan is ridiculously handy and quite the skilled woodworker and I am o-v-e-r all the farmhouse decor. Well, at least the way that I originally interpreted it. I think what I discovered over the years is I prefer a more modern, transitional take on decor. Think lots of white with black accents and pops of wood tones and mixed metals for texture and warmth.

Redesigned Family Room Plans

curtains | wall light sconces | faux olive plant | sofa | rattan trunk | chair | wood lamp | scribble art | floral art

We’ve already started with a fresh coat of paint on the walls – my favorite Zurich White by Sherwin Williams. That alone has given the room a new vibe. Some might question our decision to go with an IKEA sofa, but honestly we loved this sofa more than anything we saw/tried! It’s a fraction of the price for something aesthetically similar at Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware, and I discovered Bemz that makes custom covers with better color/fabric options than what IKEA offers. So, it’s a win for us all around.

The biggest change we’re making in the room is moving the T.V. to above the fireplace. I think this is going to make such a difference! Partly because we decided to upgrade to a bigger T.V. and new sound system (men and their toys 😉 ), but especially because the built-ins will at last be balanced on either side. We’re also going to center the new sofa, which will take better advantage of the overall room size and shape.

We wish that we still were able to go on vacation in a week, but making a space where we spend 90% of our time finally what we want it to be isn’t so bad either. I’ll be excited to share the reveal when we’re finished!

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  1. 10.2.20
    Lovely said:

    Wow! what a cool transformation! Happy Anniversary to you and Ryan!

  2. 9.28.20
    Biana said:

    Well i can’t wait to see how it all turns out – great way to make lemonade out of lemons!

    • 10.13.20
      Karly said:

      That seems to be the motto of 2020, lol!

  3. 9.28.20
    Alissa said:

    I am HERE FOR THIS! I love that this anniversary will be a good memory and not just for this year, it’ll keep on giving!

    • 10.13.20
      Karly said:

      That is so true, I didn’t even think of it that way!

  4. 9.28.20
    Debbie said:

    I love everything you’ve picked out for your re-design, it’s going to look great! I’m glad you’re doing a little something special for yourselves for your anniversary!

    • 10.13.20
      Karly said:

      Thank you, it’s all starting to come together!