Cooler Weather Outdoor Running Essentials from Amazon

One of the hardest adjustments for me during quarantine has not being able to go to the gym. The treadmill is my escape for an hour out of the day, my time to get out of the house and solely focus on me. Sounds selfish when I type it out, but honestly if the only thing I’m going to be selfish about is my physical and mental health then so be it. I’ve been managing the best I can with at-home workouts, but it just isn’t the same! Nothing compares to throwing on my headphones and getting lost in some music while I chase after that runner’s high.

So, I was finally able to fix this situation. Obviously, going outside isn’t cancelled … and it’s free! But, since I don’t run outside often, I had to order some proper attire so I would be comfortable. It took some trial and error, especially with delayed shipping times right now, but I finally gathered what I consider cooler weather outdoor running essentials from Amazon. Everything is available Prime shipping and still arrives fairly quick, so if you’re in the same mindset hopefully this will help!

cooler weather outdoor running essentials from amazon
+ Long-Sleeve Fleece-Lined Compression Shirts. I prefer workout shirts that have a tighter fit, probably because I don’t want extra material flying around. These fit the bill with a compression style and fit, and bonus that they’re lined with micro-fleece material. I’m nice and warm on cool mornings without getting overheated. These fit TTS – I wear medium – but if you want a slightly looser fit I’d say size up one. They also come in two different styles, a mock neck and classic crew. I went with a classic crew because I still layer up with a pullover jacket on extra-cool days. But, even without a jacket my chest/neck is plenty warm since the neckline still sits relatively high. I do wish they’d release a style with thumb holes, though!

+ CRZ Yoga Hugged Collection Compression Leggings. I’m already a big fan of this brand’s Naked collection leggings – seriously, SO good for lounging around the house – so I’m not surprised that I’m just as in love with the Hugged collection. They fit TTS – I wear a small – and suck me in in all the right places. The waist fits snug, so I don’t have to worry about hiking it up while running, and the compression material helps keep me warm. I plan to buy a couple more pairs of these for all my workouts, I love them that much!

+ Ear Warmer Headband. Pretty self-explanatory! It’s still pretty breezy here in Wisconsin, so combine that with running and things can get chilly. I tried a few different headbands from Amazon, and I find this one the warmest with the best fit.

+ Knit Gloves. Again, nothing that needs extensive explanation. I have ridiculously small hands, so finding gloves that fit is a challenge. I didn’t want or need anything fancy – just something basic to block the wind and take away any chill. These do the job!

A couple other accessories worth noting …

I’m a firm-believer in a good pair of headphones for any type of workout! Ryan surprised me with Powerbeats for Christmas, and they’ve made a huge difference during my workouts. No more constantly pushing the earbuds back in my ears, and the sound quality is unmatched. 100% worth the investment!

I also never leave for an outdoor run without a sports belt – for my phone, keys, etc. – and a handheld water bottle. Oh, and my FitBit Versa, of course! I wrote a whole post a while ago about how much I love my watch, and none of that information has changed.

Are you exercising outdoors these days?

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  1. 4.9.20
    Debbie said:

    Good for you keeping up with your workouts!

    • 4.10.20
      Karly said:

      Thank you, doing my best!

  2. 4.8.20
    Ashley said:

    Always have to keep the ears and hands warm! I really like this headband. Also, the belt is a GREAT idea! It’s looks fairly thin too which I appreciate!

    • 4.10.20
      Karly said:

      Yes, the belt is great! It’s very lightweight, and it doesn’t move around at all. So much better than an armband!

  3. 4.8.20
    Biana said:

    That little waist bag is so great! I really need to start running again! It just feels so great! xo, Biana

    • 4.10.20
      Karly said:

      There’s nothing like it!