These Are a Few of My Favorite Things 2019

Brown paper packages tied up with string … these are a few of my favorite things 2019!

Favorite Things 2019 - What Karly Said
With Christmas only a week away and the new year upon us, I thought it would be fun to do an extra monthly loves post to highlight my very favorite things from the past year! Is this everything? No way! But, I included what immediately came to mind and the overall standout items that made my 2019 a little better. I’m also not one for gift guides, but some of these would make great stocking stuffers or last-minute gifts if you’re on the hunt!

So, without further adieu.

A few of my favorite things from 2019!

Favorite Things 2019

Beauty & Style

One of the best things I did for my skin in 2019 was switch to a silicone body brush. Less waste than a traditional loofah, and so much less bacteria/germs. My body acne has significantly improved as a result! There’s also no denying how great Tula facial products have been for me – yes, I still suffer from hormonal acne that is out of my control, but my skin feels much more balanced and healthy with these products. And no, I’m not affiliated with them in any way!

For the second year, the Revlon 2-in-1 dryer and styler brush is a favorite. I don’t use it every time I blow dry, but especially for special occasions I love how easy it is to achieve a salon-worthy blowout on my own! Also no secret at all that most Kristin Ess hair products and hair tools took over my routine this year.

OPI’s Tickle My France-y nail polish wins for the most-worn color on my nails! Such a good mauve/pink nude. Works for anything and everything.

And, last but certainly not least – Madewell jeans for the win!


I read 65 (and counting!) books this year, so you can imagine it’s hard to pick just one. BUT the one I come back to time and time again is Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I just loved this book and look forward to picking it up again in the near future. I recommend it to everyone! Catch up on all my reading from this year!

Favorite movie? Downton Abbey. No questions asked. Yesterday is a close runner up.

One of the best and most fun investments I made this year was a record player. I love being able to play my parent’s old vinyls! Not to mention scouring record stores to start my own collection. Although not on vinyl, Kacey Musgraves’ Golden Hour and T. Swift’s Lover albums were my most-played in 2019. Color me shocked (not).


The infamous Amazon sheets are the best EVER. For that price, I want to own them in every color. These swooped in only in the last couple months to be a favorite of the year.

Why we waited so long to invest in a Roomba is one of our life’s great mysteries. With the amount of dog hair floating around, I can’t imagine not having this trusty vacuum to do the cleaning for me!

My Grandma Bette was onto something with her beloved toaster oven all those years. This is without a doubt our most-loved and most-used purchase of 2019! Some meals I don’t even have to turn the big oven on. It’s simply GREAT.


You’ll never find me without blue-light blocking glasses after trying them this year. Serious life-savers – so much so that I dedicated an entire post to them!

I started 2019 with an Apple Watch and quickly switched back to a FitBit. The Versa is the best fitness tracker that I’ve used (the new second edition looks even better!). You can see more in this post about how I use it and it’s best features. I also buy my replacement bands from Amazon.

Whoever introduced me to Morgan Harper Nichols, THANK YOU. Her poetry/artwork speaks to me on so many levels, and it’s one Instagram account I consistently keep up with. And, Tiny Chef of course. 😉

What were some of your favorite things in 2019?

Don’t forget to check out my monthly loves posts for up-to-date info on all the things that I’m enjoying!

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  1. 12.21.19
    Heather said:

    I think I need to try a body brush and some Tula skincare!!

  2. 12.16.19
    Avalon said:

    Wow! I haven’t seen the new Downton Abbey movie yet, but I absolutely loved the series so I hope to see it soon. Happy it was your favorite movie of the year!

    – Avalon from

    • 12.19.19
      Karly said:

      It is SO good – you’ll love it if you were a fan of the series!

  3. 12.16.19
    Debbie said:

    Some of your favorites ended up being some of my favorites too! I loved reading Daisy Jones and the Six and just bought a set of those great sheets!

    • 12.19.19
      Karly said:

      So glad I was able to get you to read a few books this year!

  4. 12.16.19
    Kristy said:

    I really want to try Madewell jeans! You’ve also inspired me to try those sheets from Amazon. Also, are you wearing velvet black pants in that pic? I love our Roomba, too… seriously a must-have for any pet owner! 🙂

    • 12.19.19
      Karly said:

      You would love Madewell jeans – yes, they’re a little more expensive, but they’re worth it!

  5. 12.16.19
    Biana said:

    I use that brush weekly – one of my favorite purchases of the year! I still haven’t read Daisy Jones and the Six, but I need to before the year is done! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • 12.19.19
      Karly said:

      It is just the best! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. How did we ever live before that brush existed?! Ha!