What I Read in September 2019 + Reviews

Well, that sure was a quick month of reading! I find it hard to believe that I’m here typing up what I read in September 2019 and my reviews, but here we are. Last month was definitely quality over quantity with the small amount of books I read, but two of the four blew me away. So, I’ll keep this intro short and get straight into the books!

what i read in september 2019 + reviews
My rating & recommendation: 3 stars; a roundabout coming-of-age story that’s overall forgettable. It explores class differences in a somewhat high-society vacation beach town, a young woman that doesn’t yet know who she is (even though she thinks she does) or what the hell she wants, and the all-over-the-place relationships that come about as a result. No subject or character was really explored for that long, and the ones that were provided really elusive details that I guess were supposed to provide an air of mystery. I was mostly bored and left wanting more. My other gripe? It was set in the ’80s, but I kept feeling like it was a period piece. Like, it should’ve been set somewhere between the 40s-60s. Maybe it was the style of writing and the descriptions of everything? Not sure.

THINGS YOU SAVE IN A FIRE by Katherine Center
My rating & recommendation: 5 stars; it’s not How to Walk Away, but I loved the cuteness of it all. I couldn’t put it down! This is more romance-heavy than How to Walk Away; I didn’t find there to be the same level of emotional substance as we were given in that book. However, Cassie was really relatable, and I think a lot of women can find different characteristics of themselves in her. I know I did. Really the only ridiculous thing in this book was Cassie learning parkour from YouTube videos and basically mastering it in a month. I mean, c’mon! A little over-the-top.

My rating & recommendation: 5 stars; after the first 50 pages, I understood the hype. Equal parts coming-of-age/love story/murder mystery, it all finally came together. The writing is extremely descriptive and can drag at times, but once I put myself in Kya’s shoes I could see the beauty in it. That’s how she viewed and talked about the marsh herself, so it all really made sense. For a horribly lonely, somewhat depressing life, Kya also had a vivid life in the marsh and I think that’s what the author was trying to portray. There’s so many parts/quotes/lines in this book that I’m still processing and know that I will think back on often. I smiled, cried, even got angry and yelled at my book at times, which always tells me that’s a sign of a 5-star book.

A QUESTION OF US by Mary Jayne Baker
*ARC received from NetGalley.
My rating & recommendation: 3 stars; chick-lit with a lot of potential that missed some marks. I loved and enjoyed so many aspects of this book – the group of friends, how ridiculously British everything was, the friends-to-lovers romance. But, there also was so much missing and quite a few things that got on my nerves! The story/plot line was pretty disjointed as a whole throughout, and certain subplots within the group of friends were glazed over as no big deal (when, in fact, the topic matter was pretty serious). Clarrie’s ongoing internal dilemma and quarter-life crisis also got old pretty fast. I understood that it needed to be discussed as it’s a key character-trait throughout the book, but I also didn’t need to be reminded of it on every. single. page.

Bottom line …

Things to Save in a Fire and Where the Crawdads Sing are absolute must-reads!

Currently reading: Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella; American Royals by Katharine McGee; and Mrs. Everything by Jennifer Weiner

What’s on your reading list for the month?

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  1. 10.15.19
    kristen said:

    YAY i’m so glad you liked things you saved in a fire. i feel like i’ve heard from people that they either loved or hated it/didn’t finish. i loved, obviously. the parkour thing was ridiculous for sure lol.

    • 10.17.19
      Karly said:

      I heard the same mixed reviews! Obviously I fell into the love category, even if I still liked Walk Away better.

  2. 10.10.19

    Things You Save in a Fire is on my TBR list. Might have to move it up after your review!

  3. 10.10.19
    Dara said:

    I love that mug! I agree on your review of Things You Save In a Fire!

    • 10.11.19
      Karly said:

      Barnes and Noble for the mug win! So glad you agree about Fire, it was so cute !

  4. 10.10.19

    I don’t get why many say Crawdads started off too slow. Sometimes when I see the books people recommend that are entirely much slower and never speed up…Crawdads was fine with the pacing!

    • 10.11.19
      Karly said:

      I get what you’re saying! That’s why books are so fun because everybody has a different experience.

  5. 10.9.19

    Quality over quantity is always good, and I’m glad you loved two out of the four!


  6. 10.9.19

    I have to try crawdads again. i got it when it first came out but at the same time as eleventy billion other books (that suddenly came at once at the library) so i had to return it.

    • 10.9.19
      Karly said:

      Gotta love when that happens with library holds/check outs! Hope you give it another go.

  7. 10.8.19

    Crawdads was excellent.

    I actually liked Things You Save in a Fire more than How to Walk Away. It felt more put together and cohesive to me.

    • 10.9.19
      Karly said:

      Absolutely loved Crawdads. I see what you’re saying about Walk Away vs. Fire – I honestly loved them both for different reasons!

  8. 10.8.19
    Gina said:

    Ooh a couple of hype books in there! Things You Save was cute. You’re totally right – not as much substance as How to Walk Away, and that’s fine. And the things that bothered you in that one bothered me a bit more, but I’m glad I wasn’t alone in finding that a bit absurd.

    • 10.9.19
      Karly said:

      Haha, no not alone at all! I was literally laughing out loud at some of those parts because it seemed so ridiculous.

  9. 10.8.19

    That is a fantastic mug; I love it! Crawdads and Things You Save in Fire are both on my TBR.

    • 10.9.19
      Karly said:

      Thank you, Barnes and Noble for the win! Hope you enjoy both books when you get to them.

  10. 10.8.19
    SMD said:

    I love that mug! Very cute.

    I didn’t like Fire as much as How to Walk Away, but it was still pretty good.

    I loved Crawdads and am hoping to meet the author when she’s around here in November.

    • 10.9.19
      Karly said:

      Barnes and Noble for the cute mug! SO jealous that you may get to meet the author, that’ll be a cool experience I’m sure.

  11. 10.8.19
    Kay R.D. said:

    I have a BOTM copy of things you save in a fire and cant wait to get to it!

  12. 10.8.19
    Heather said:

    Yay I’m so glad you loved Things you Save and Crawdads!!! Also, I love your mug and basically everything about the esthetics of this post. LOL.

    • 10.9.19
      Karly said:

      LOL, thanks friend! Yes, loved both those books – probably two of my favorites this year!

  13. 10.8.19
    Jill said:

    I’m adding Things You Save in a Fire to my library list! Can You Keep a Secret was a fun read!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

    • 10.9.19
      Karly said:

      It was so fun and cute, just what I needed!

  14. 10.7.19
    Brittany said:

    I have heard such mixed reviews on Where The Crawdads Sing from people I know. I feel like I need to read it based on how you described it! Adding it to my list… 🙂

    Brittany | http://www.pointed-north.com

    • 10.9.19
      Karly said:

      I hope that you like it! I can definitely see/understand the mixed reviews. The first 50 pages are a total doozy, but then it really turns around (in my opinion). Let me know what you think if/when you get to it!

  15. 10.7.19
    Caroline said:

    I agree with you 100% about Things You Save in a Fire. How to Walk Away was much more heartwarming to me and I ugly cried at the end. While sitting at Starbucks. Yeah. Haha. Anyways! Thank you SO much for sharing your thoughts on Where the Crawdads Sing. I have been on the fence about it but I think that I’ll read it now. Have a great day!

    • 10.9.19
      Karly said:

      I really loved Crawdads! It isn’t for everybody, but I still think it’s worth trying. Enjoy!

  16. 10.7.19
    Debbie said:

    I will look forward to reading Where the Crawdads Sing when I get through the mountain of other books waiting for me!

    • 10.9.19
      Karly said:

      You can borrow it whenever you want!

  17. 10.7.19
    Biana said:

    I just watched can you keep a secret which was adapted from the book – super cute! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • 10.9.19
      Karly said:

      I’m dying to watch the movie now, I loved the book!