What I Read in August 2019 + Reviews

Last month kicked my ass. Ha! Just keeping it real, as always. 😉 It’s a miracle that I got any reading done, but low and behold here we are. With the exception of one of my favorite books that I’ve read in a long while, there’s a lot of romance/light/fluffy reads in this roundup. So, if that’s not your thing go ahead and click on through to somewhere else. I won’t be offended! These quick reads were about all my brain could handle the last few weeks. Here’s what I read in August 2019.

what i read in august 2019 + reviews
P.S. Not that I think it really matters, but I was starting to confuse myself with headlining these posts with the current month even though I share what I read throughout the previous month. SO moving forward I’m going to keep things real-time/consistent with the month that things were read in by renaming this series to What I Read in (Month) + Reviews. I guess just keep that in mind if you’re going through the archives, but I still highly doubt anybody cares/notices.

Onto the books!

My rating & recommendation: 3 stars; I’m always up for a Pride & Prejudice retelling, but this was a bit much. There’s A LOT of P&P going on … several mentions of Jane Austen, there’s a local P&P play being put on, AND there’s situations of the original novel playing out in real life. It became difficult to keep track of everything/everyone.

A HUNDRED SUMMERS by Beatriz Williams
My rating & recommendation: 5 stars; read this immediately, especially if you love time-period dramas/romances. I’ve been thinking about this book for weeks since I finished it. It was just SO good. Different, intriguing, beautifully well-written … I could go on and on. I found Lily’s and Nick’s romance to be both awe-inspiring and unconventional. It’s difficult to talk about without giving much away, but I’m glad they got their happy ending after the endless amount of shit that transpired between them and their inner-circle. I will say that the ending is completely and totally unrealistic, but at the same time it fit the “fairy tale ending” that as a reader you wanted.

LOVE AND OTHER WORDS by Christina Lauren
My rating & recommendation: 4 stars; yes if you enjoy second-chance romance with some heavy stuff thrown in. I’m not sure the prolonged suspense of Macy’s big “secret” was necessary – I had a gut feeling about it nearly halfway through the story, so it was a little anti-climactic. The friends-to-lovers progression of Macy’s and Elliott’s relationship also seemed off at times. Elliott is a pretty great nerdy hero, though.

THE HONEYMOONER by Melanie Summers
*Available on Kindle Unlimited!
My rating & recommendation: 3 stars; great for a brainless read, but it’s nowhere near as adorable as the Crown Jewels series. Passed the time just fine. Really nothing special, but it’s cute and fluffy and doesn’t require a lot of thought. I’ll give the other two books a go when I have time.

HOT ASSET by Lauren Layne
*Available on Kindle Unlimited!
My rating & recommendation: 3 stars; nothing new/special and very insta-lovey. Ian didn’t do a lot for me as the hero, but I thought Lara was a strong female lead. The chemistry and love between Ian and Lara was a tad forced in my opinion, but the epilogue is super cute.

*ARC received from NetGalley.
My rating & recommendation: 3 stars; I love enemies-to-lovers romances, but I was bored. Enemies-to-lovers is one of my favorite romance tropes; however, this one bordered the line between love and hate a little too much. I’m all for a slow burn, but Cooper’s and Emma’s strong disdain for each other left me scratching my head when their relationship finally did “heat up.” It was difficult to justify all that tension and general hate as repressed romantic feelings. There’s also A LOT of political talk/backstory/fluff that took away from the romance – it’s a big part of their lives, yes, but I found it boring on more than one occasion.

Bottom line …

It’s pretty obvious that A Hundred Summers is my don’t-miss pick for the month. Take or leave the others depending on what you’re in the mood for!

Currently reading: Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center

What’s on your reading list for the month?

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  1. 9.17.19
    Jessica said:

    A HUNDRED SUMMERS by Beatriz Williams sounds lovely. Thanks for these reading recommendations dear!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    • 9.18.19
      Karly said:

      It was so good! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. 9.11.19

    I”ve only read one Beatriz Williams and it didn’t rock my world but … adding One Hundred Summers to my TBR. I love to live wild. Or read wild. 😀 Yes, I have the same problem with some enemies to lover stories. When it works, it can be delightful but sometimes they hit that hate a little too hard and it’s hard to believe all is forgiven and forgotten.

    • 9.14.19
      Karly said:

      This was my first Beatriz Williams book, but I’ve heard other people say the same thing as you where her books can be hit/miss … I think A Hundred Summers is a definite hit, though!

  3. 9.11.19

    This is an awesome review and I’m definitely going to add A Hundred Summers to my must-read list! Thanks so much for sharing!


  4. 9.11.19
    Kristin said:

    Glad you loved A Hundred Summers! I absolutely couldn’t put it down! (And I really liked the author’s blurb about where the title came from.)

    • 9.11.19
      Karly said:

      I agree! It’s one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve had in a long time.

  5. 9.11.19
    Dara said:

    I read another by Beatriz Williams and didn’t love it, so I wasn’t sure if I should read One Hundred Summers!

  6. 9.11.19
    Heather said:

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Things you Save in A Fire!! Yay!!! I really like Lauren Layne’s books but they are pretty much all 3 stars from me. I like them because I sort of know what I’m going to get and it is a nice little brain escape but they feel very forgettable. I will say that I really liked the Wedding planner series by her and the Stilletto/Oxford ones because there is some continuation etc. I will have to check out that Beatriz Wiliams book – it sounds so good!!!!

    • 9.11.19
      Karly said:

      Good to know about Lauren Layne! I may just read the third book in that same series and skip the second since I don’t care about those characters, ha! I think you’d enjoy A Hundred Summers, I just loved it!

  7. 9.10.19
    kristen said:

    i read the girl from summer hill back when it came out and i remember feeling the same way – a lot of P&P, even for me. a hundred summers is amazing. so much love. hot asset was my least favourite out of that series (ian was not my favourite at all), i almost didn’t continue but i’m glad i did – the 3rd was really good, i thought. well, i remember liking it the most, i think it is my favourite by her. i think i liked the 2nd too, but not enough to remember what it is about haha.

    • 9.11.19
      Karly said:

      Haha, good to know! I was contemplating just skipping the second one and jumping to the third since those are the characters I liked the best from Hot Asset.

  8. 9.10.19
    Gina said:

    Can’t wait to hear what you end up thinking of Things You Save! I’ve heard Love and Other Words is the best by CL but I haven’t read it yet since the one I did read by them (Josh & Hazel I think?) was just okay. Didn’t make me want to pick up another. Glad you liked A Hundred Summers! I really liked that too.

    • 9.11.19
      Karly said:

      There is a lot of hype around Love and Other Words, and overall I thought it was just okay! Not my favorite from CL even though that’s unpopular opinion.

  9. 9.10.19
    SMD said:

    I loved A Hundred Summers! I can remember exactly where I read it and who was there. Such a great book, I always recommend it as perfect for a summer read.

    • 9.11.19
      Karly said:

      It was just so good! Exactly what I needed at the time.

  10. 9.10.19
    cara said:

    A hundred summers sounds awesome! I’ve been trying to make reading a priority at night before bed and find it helps me relax and sleep better. Thanks for the honest recommendations as always!

    • 9.11.19
      Karly said:

      Oh, good! That’s when I do a majority of my reading, too. It does help you unwind a bit before going to sleep! A Hundred Summers is great!

  11. 9.9.19
    Debbie said:

    Sounds like I will have to put A Hundred Summers on my never-ending reading list!

    • 9.11.19
      Karly said:

      I think you’d really like it!

  12. 9.9.19

    I loved A Hundred Summers! Such a beautiful read that transports you back in time!

    • 9.9.19
      Karly said:

      I couldn’t agree more – I absolutely loved it!

  13. 9.9.19
    Kasey said:

    oooh I’ll be adding A Hundred Summers to my reading list, I’m reading The Radium Girls right now, and it’s so interesting that I keep forgetting it’s nonfiction.

    • 9.9.19
      Karly said:

      I haven’t heard of that one, I’ll have to look into it!

  14. 9.9.19
    Caroline said:

    I will add A Hundred Summers to my list!! I just read Things You Save in a Fire and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • 9.9.19
      Karly said:

      I think that you’ll love A Hundred Summers! I’m more than halfway through Things You Save in a Fire, and am really enjoying it so far!

  15. 9.9.19
    Ashley said:

    I haven’t heard of any of these! Thanks for your honest reviews! Can’t wait to check some of them out!

    • 9.9.19
      Karly said:

      Hope you enjoy, happy reading!

  16. 9.9.19
    Biana said:

    Love and other words was a favorite of mine – loved the writing! I am such a fan of Lauren Layne’s books – I have a few I need to read by her that have recently come out! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • 9.9.19
      Karly said:

      I’ll definitely be checking out some others from her!