8 Things I Loved in August

So long, sweet summer and hello, fall! Doesn’t September feel like a new year? I don’t know about you, but I get the same sense of a fresh start this month as I do Jan. 1. It’s time to finish out the rest of the year on a strong, positive note! So let’s get that going by first looking back at the 8 things I loved in August.

8 things i loved in august


+ Milani Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper. This gloss is where it’s at! A nice break from heavy lipsticks that still provide a decent amount of color and tons of shine. Soft Rose and Rosewood are my two go-to shades.

+ Tarteist Pro Glow & Blush Palette. I purchased this on a whim a few weeks back when it was an Ulta beauty steal. Now, I can’t believe I didn’t have this in my collection sooner! It’s every shade of blush you could hope to have, plus a bronzer and highlight. Everything provides such a pretty sheen and that healthy glow we all covet! This will be great for travel, too.

+ Tula Face Filter Blurring & Moisturizing Primer. aka MAGIC IN A TUBE. I’m not one for primers, but this has totally changed the game for me. It provides a great base and coverage for makeup, and I’ve noticed a significant difference in lasting power with my foundation since I started to use this.


+ Lover by Taylor Swift. No shock or secret here that I love this album – I’ve been listening to it nonstop! What is your favorite song(s)? Tell me in the comments. I think mine is Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince. So hard to pick just one, though!


+ Blue Light-Blocking Glasses. I wrote an entire post dedicated to this very topic, so I won’t repeat myself here. Just do yourself a favor and order a pair already.

+ Fringe Monthly Planner. Got to love back-to-school time because it’s the best time to find a new planner. I scored just what I needed at TJMaxx – it’s a simple monthly planner that will take me all the way through December 2020. I linked the same brand on Amazon, but be sure to check your local TJ first!

What we watched

+ Above Us Only Sky (Netflix). For all my John Lennon fans, this one is for you! This documentary chronicles Lennon’s life as he wrote and recorded the Imagine album. The footage is unreal, especially when George Harrison makes an appearance. I think any diehard Beatles and/or Lennon and Yoko fans will appreciate this.

+ Mindhunter: Season Two (Netflix). We were thrilled that this show finally was back last month! I think it only took us a weekend and a day to get through all nine episodes. Was it as good as the first season? Verdict is out, but I think part of that is because the focus is slightly different this time around. They’re now putting to work/into practice their research opposed to just gathering data from the interviews. Nonetheless, it’s a fascinating show that we highly recommend!

What I’m looking forward to in September: Having practically nothing on the calendar (!); getting to work on our long-neglected list of house projects; decorating for fall; and finalizing plans for our October road trip.

Any favorites of your own from last month?

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  1. 9.4.19
    Brittany said:

    OMG, fellow Mindhunter fan here! We’re finishing it this week & so far, it’s pretty fascinating. I think you nailed it saying they are focused more on research this time around.. I still find the interviews to be completely unbelievable. So crazy! Also, totally watching that Lennon documentary. Sounds so good!

    Brittany | pointed-north.com

    • 9.9.19
      Karly said:

      Isn’t Mindhunter just so good? We were thrilled when the new season finally came out – seems like it was forever ago when the show first premiered!

  2. 9.4.19
    Debbie said:

    Gosh, hard to believe it’s September already! I’m looking forward to a more relaxed month as well and getting some home projects done too!

    • 9.9.19
      Karly said:

      Hope we both get to all those home projects this month!