Do Blue Light-Blocking Glasses Work? What I Think After a Month of Everyday Wear

Remember back in the day when it was trendy to wear fake glasses just for the sake of looks? I’m 30, so I could be ageing myself here if you have zero clue what I’m talking about. That is exactly what I thought this whole blue light-blocking glasses thing was! Just another trend recycling itself, but this time adding supposed non-prescription eye benefits. Well, recently desperate times called for desperate measures and I reluctantly ordered a pair of these glasses from Amazon. So, do blue light-blocking glasses work? Straight from the skeptic’s mouth, these are my honest thoughts!

do blue-light blocking glasses work
First things first:

What is blue light?

Blue light is practically everywhere these days – basically, all the screens we are attached to! Phones, computers, some e-readers, video games, so on and so on. Blue light is somewhere on the light spectrum that actually is visible to our human eyes, and it’s shorter wavelength produces higher amounts of energy. Are you on your phone a bunch before bed and then have trouble falling asleep? You have blue light exposure to thank for that inconvenience.

Why I caved and tried the glasses for myself

Nearly a month ago, I was experiencing severe eye strain as well increased amounts of headaches/migraines and overall difficulty concentrating. The headaches and migraines didn’t come out of nowhere; I’ve unfortunately suffered from those since my teenage years. But, they’re typically stress- and/or hormone-induced, so the fact that I was experiencing some form of them every single day was troublesome. For once, I knew I wasn’t in a constant state of stress. 😉 It’s also possible that my prescription contacts/glasses need adjusting, but I didn’t feel like the situation warranted moving my doctor appointment up a couple months. Everybody who works at a desk all day in front of a computer will experience these bouts of eye strain, right?!

I knew that I needed to try something – ANYTHING – to give my eyes some relief and allow me to work normally. So, I put my skepticism aside and ordered a pair of blue light-blocking glasses. It was the quickest and most inexpensive route, and if I proved myself right that they did nothing then I easily could return them and move on. No harm done!

Do I think blue light-blocking glasses work?

After a month+ of wearing blue light-blocking glasses every single day, I can say in my honest (once skeptical!) opinion that …

THEY WORK. Yes, yes, yes they do!

My eye strain settled after a few days of wear, and my headaches/migraines have gone back to their regularly scheduled programming.

I will say that blue light-blocking glasses take a little time to adjust to. You won’t notice much difference when you first put them on, but when you go to take them off your eyes will be slightly shocked by the color difference. Kind of like what happens when you put on and then take off certain pairs of sunglasses. The good thing is that it means the glasses are doing their job! It’s crazy to me when I take my glasses off after work and can actually see/notice the blue light coming from the computer screen. With the glasses on, the blue light is nonexistent.

blue light-blocking glasses from Amazon
Am I good about wearing the blue light-blocking glasses when I’m away from the computer? 100% no. So, I’m still being exposed to blue light from my phone and any other electronics I use when I’m not at my desk and computer. One of these days I’ll probably order a second pair to keep in my purse/somewhere else in the house so I can just reach for them whenever. In my defense, I’ve cut way back on my phone usage (thanks to this Facebook news feed trick), and since I have the blue light-blocking glasses on a majority of the day anyway I haven’t noticed additional issues from other electronic screens.

So, to wrap things up – do I think blue light-blocking glasses work? Yes, obviously! Thank goodness that I put my doubts aside and gave these a try because I truly think they’ve significantly helped my eyes. At only $16, they’re an investment everyone should make! Plus, there’s plenty of styles/colors to choose from so you can still feel like you’re rocking that fake glasses trend circa the early ’00s.

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  1. 9.2.19
    Cara said:

    I need to try these! I get bad headaches too and I’m in front of a screen all day so it would probably help. Love the ones on you they look so cute!

    • 9.3.19
      Karly said:

      You definitely should try these, they’ve done wonders for my eyes and headaches! And, thanks girl!

  2. 8.27.19
    Biana said:

    I wear mine at work when I’m doing a lot of spreadsheet work that day…they do help with headaches for me which is really good!

    • 9.3.19
      Karly said:

      Yes! Never thought something so simple could help.

  3. 8.26.19
    Debbie said:

    This is really interesting, glad they’re helping with those nasty headaches!

    • 9.3.19
      Karly said:

      They really are, I’m thrilled!

  4. 8.26.19
    Kristy said:

    You inspired me to order these a couple of weeks ago, and I am obsessed! I definitely notice a marked change in my eye strain. My headaches have also been reduced! What a great $16 investment!

    • 9.3.19
      Karly said:

      So glad that they’ve been working for you, too!