Elevated Everyday Closet Basics for Summer

Raise your hand if you get into a style rut come summer … ME! ME! ME! When the weather warms up, I usually fall back on comfort and ease without worrying about style. And, let’s be honest – I’m a jeans/denim shorts and tee girl 95% of the time anyway no matter the season.

But, time’s they are changing.

I’ve been in a bit of funk with my appearance. A large part of that blame falls on how boring/basic/simple my warmer weather clothes are. I’ll get dressed, feel blah after looking in the mirror, and then I’m left feeling down and uninspired the rest of the day. Kind of ridiculous of myself, really. So, enough is enough. Without throwing everything out and starting from scratch, I’ve slowly but surely been adding elevated everyday closet basics for summer to my wardrobe. Everything is still comfortable and casual, but there’s more variety and opportunity to mix-and-match styles for an updated look!

Elevated Everyday Closet Basics for Summer
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Tops & Dresses

I’m always going to be a tee girl – they’re just so easy to throw on and forget about. That’s what I keep in mind whenever I add new “nicer” tops to my closet. I want them to be a step up from a plain t-shirt, but I still want the same ease of styling and comfort. Anything too out there, and I’ll never wear it!

As mentioned in my last monthly loves post, I’m really loving the sweater tank trend this season. They’re easy to wear with practically anything, and the weight is perfect for warm days and cooler nights. I’m also into kimonos having another moment – wasn’t it only a few years back when they were popular, too? Regardless, they’re the best way to layer up throughout summer if that’s the look you prefer (aka me always).

And, who doesn’t love a summer dress?! Throw one on, and you’re done getting dressed for the day. I’m pretty sure everyone has some version of this super-flattering t-shirt dress in their closet by now, but if you don’t get on it. Great to wear for any and all occasions.


Maybe even more than tees, I LOVE denim. You’ll rarely ever see me in anything other than jeans. Which, again can get boring. The next best option? Denim in different styles and colors! Yay! 😉

I’m surprised that I love the AE tomgirl pants as much as I do. They’re ridiculously comfortable without being too loose/without shape. I’ve found that the olive color is simple to mix-and-match with different tops, and they’re actually pretty easy to “dress up” for a casual date night. Same with this pair of white denim – I’ve never found white pants particularly flattering on me until I tried this straight-leg cut.

I also need these utility shorts in every single color. If I can feel like I’m wearing sweatpants out in public but actually have real clothes on, I’m there.

Shoes & Accessories

Shoe shopping always is last on my list because I think it’s the absolute worst! It has never been my thing; however, my sandal collection needed a big upgrade this year. Pretty sure some of the pairs I had were five, maybe six years old. I like a classic style sandal that can be worn with a variety of outfits, including dresses since I don’t like to wear a lot of heels, as well as ones in neutral colors. Think black, cognac, nude, etc. I snagged this pair from Target during their Memorial Day sale, and they’re going to earn their cost-per-wear that’s for sure! There’s even some cushion in them for added comfort. Bonus.

I also couldn’t resist these earrings – how fun are they?! And, I’m glad that straw bags regardless of the shape are sticking around another season. Mine always adds that final pop to any outfit when I feel like I’m missing something.

What’s your summer style like?

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  1. 6.6.19
    Debbie said:

    One of these days I need your help to give my closet a make-over!

    • 6.7.19
      Karly said:

      I’ll gladly help you whenever you’re ready!

  2. 6.5.19
    Kate said:

    Love these pieces, especially that dress and the pull on shorts!
    Green Fashionista

    • 6.7.19
      Karly said:

      I’ve been living in those shorts, they’re so comfortable!

  3. 6.5.19
    Biana said:

    I have that dress in 2 colors and love it! Especially dressed down with sneakers or espadrilles! So many cute options! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • 6.7.19
      Karly said:

      Yes, I totally agree! I love that dress with sneakers and a denim jacket.

  4. 6.5.19
    Brittany said:

    You and me BOTH!! Summer depletes my inspiration for getting dressed, lol. Because I get hot so easily, I’m always concerned about comfort over all. I’m going to check out those tomgirl pants – they seem like the perfect denim alternative! You did get me back on AE denim… so thank you for that!

    Brittany | http://www.pointed-north.com

    • 6.7.19
      Karly said:

      Glad it’s not just me! I’m way more inspired by clothing come fall/winter since I like to layer. A lot of these pieces have been helping me to get out of my style rut, though! Hope you enjoy the Tomgirl pants – they’re SO good.