The $18 Travel Jewelry Organizer That You Need

We’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately, with vacation (I shared part one of our trip last week!) and lots of back-and-forth trips to my hometown for family stuff. While I generally despise packing, all these trips have given me a good excuse to update some of my travel organization gear. I was in desperate need of something new to keep my jewelry organized and untangled. Well, I’m THRILLED to share this stellar Amazon find with you today. Seriously, this is the $18 jewelry organizer you need in your life!

Amazon travel jewelry organizer you need
It seems a little ridiculous to me that I’m dedicating a whole post to a travel jewelry organizer, but hey! It’s the little things in life that bring me joy.

But, really I’m just so impressed with this product. The quality/look/feel of it seems way more expensive than it really is. I opted for the blush color, but if I could have a do-over I’d order a darker color. While pretty, the blush material gets dirty and scuffs easily, so just keep that in mind.

$18 amazon travel jewelry organizer
Most importantly the storage and thought-out details of this organizer are great! Every component/section has it’s own snap, so you don’t have to worry about anything flapping around or coming loose. My biggest draw to this product was the separate section of clips for necklaces to keep everything untangled. Life-saving. I also utilize nearly every zipper pouch with bracelets, and of course the holder for earrings. Personally, I could do without the ring holder, but it’s great for those of you that do wear and travel with rings!

Another plus? The slim, low-profile design takes up nearly zero space and adds practically no weight. Just what I need since I like to travel with almost my entire beauty arsenal. 😉

amazon travel jewelry organizer openamazon travel jewelry organizer neklace organizer
I’d argue that this jewelry organizer could be used for more than just travel, too. Don’t have an ideal system at home? Try the large hanging size or one of the other organizers from this seller. I bet they’re great!

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  1. kristen wrote:

    oh, love this! such a good idea. good point about using it home too, i don’t have a lot of jewellery so i don’t need a big organiser. right now they are in a random box i got some fancy tea in lol. not organised at all!

    Posted 5.1.19 Reply
    • Karly wrote:

      This would be perfect for you at home then! I love that it’s the softer material, too so you don’t have to worry about scratches and what not.

      Posted 5.2.19 Reply
  2. Kate wrote:

    Love this! I always throw all my jewelry into my makeup bag, and the necklaces end up getting tangled. It’s such a pretty case too <3

    Green Fashionista

    Posted 4.24.19 Reply
    • Karly wrote:

      It really has been a game-changer for me with traveling. Hope all is well with you!

      Posted 4.26.19 Reply
  3. Cara wrote:

    Okay I need this in my life. I hate having necklaces tangle when I travel and this is the perfect size for everything! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 4.24.19 Reply
    • Karly wrote:

      It was such a good find! Enjoy!

      Posted 4.26.19 Reply
  4. jade bevan wrote:

    ohh love this! I myself don’t wear that much jewelry but this organizer looks super helpfull and pretty!

    Jadieegosh   Instagram

    Posted 4.23.19 Reply
    • Karly wrote:

      I really don’t travel with that much jewelry either, but it has been so helpful regardless!

      Posted 4.26.19 Reply
  5. I love this organizer and might need to snag one before my trip to NYC this summer! Such a good find girl!

    Juliana Grace |

    Posted 4.23.19 Reply
    • Karly wrote:

      Yes, do it! Such a great travel companion!

      Posted 4.23.19 Reply
  6. Biana wrote:

    I really love how the studs have a spot as well! This was such a great find!

    Posted 4.22.19 Reply
    • Karly wrote:

      All the compartments/features are really well thought out. Gotta love those Amazon finds!

      Posted 4.23.19 Reply
  7. Debbie wrote:

    I am definitely getting one of these, the best jewelry organizer that I have seen!

    Posted 4.22.19 Reply
    • Karly wrote:

      It’s so good, I hope that you love it!

      Posted 4.23.19 Reply
  8. Samantha wrote:

    Looks fab! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 4.22.19 Reply

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