March 2019 Reads & Reviews

I’m slowly getting back into my reading groove, thank goodness. That’s probably because I’m at last getting books from the library that have been on hold for quite some time so I’m ready to dive in. There was a good mix of books throughout the last month – some enjoyable, others kind of blah – and as always I’m ready to share my thoughts with you in today’s March reads and reviews!

March 2019 Reads and Reviews
My rating & recommendation: 4 stars, yes! Exactly what I’ve come to expect from this author duo. The characters and their individual personalities/friendships were really front and center in this one. It was refreshing to be focused on Millie’s and Reid’s romance, but also how it affected their inner circle as well.

HATE NOTES by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward
*Kindle Unlimited
My rating & recommendation: 4 stars , yes! Um, okay – I LOVED THIS BOOK. So ridiculously cute and romantic and funny and sexy and GAH! I was not expecting that whatsoever (in fact, I had pretty low expectations like most romances I find on Kindle Unlimited). And, the cover has basically nothing to do with the story so just keep that in mind. There’s an actual story happening here with real character/relationship development. I had a minor beef with the ending because I wanted the grand gesture/hearts and flowers type of thing … but we got two epilogues and I’m a sucker for that so that works. Thanks for the recommendation, Heather!

THE GIRL HE USED TO KNOW by Tracey Garvis Graves
*Received from NetGalley. Releases April 2019.
My rating & recommendation: 3 stars, it’s okay. This was an interesting story of first love, heartbreak and two people finding their way back to each other. While I had issues throughout, the ending is what sealed the deal for me – I mean, WTF? That’s it? I actually was kind of annoyed that I wasted my time on this given how it wrapped up. It’s too hard to go into detail on this one without spoiling anything, so go check out my full review on Goodreads if you’re interested.

THE OTHER WOMAN by Sandie Jones
My rating & recommendation: 3 stars, it’s okay. This is not what I was expecting at all. It’s less of a thriller/suspense as it is an observation of a screwed up family. Emily is an idiot (sorry not sorry). All the warning signs are there and then some, and she continues to run back every single time. There’s also a lot of time jumps/gaps, so it was hard to keep track of when and how long ago certain events occurred. Basically all over the place. I give the author the twist at the end. I kind of suspected something as such, but it was still an a-ha moment. That’s what saved my rating for at least 3 stars.

MAKE ME BAD by R.S. Grey
*ARC received from author. Kindle Unlimited.
My rating & recommendation: 3 stars, it’s okay. I admit I’m slightly bias and am being a little generous with my rating. I think 3 stars is a good neutral ground, though and the epilogues (yep, plural!) got me. How Ben and Madison got together all seemed a little random/rushed to me. Madison’s naïveté also was draining. She’s 25 years old – her childish tendencies and “innocence” annoyed me on more than one occasion. On a more positive note: the chemistry between Ben and Madison is off the charts, and the second epilogue is near perfect. Not one of my favorites from Grey, but if you’re a fan then it’s still worthwhile.

I also read Ache for You, the third book in the J.T. Geissinger Slow Burn series (also available on Kindle Unlimited). Considering I really enjoyed the other two, this one was just meh. So much so I didn’t think it deserved it’s own full review. So, there.

Currently reading: An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen; Dear Mrs. Bird by AJ Pearce

What are you reading?

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  1. 3.14.19

    It’s great to have your list of books and reviews. It’s going to save me from wading through more “just okays”. I always finish a book, but sometimes I wonder why I bothered. I guess it’s like watching a bad movie :/


    • 3.15.19
      Karly said:

      Lol, I feel the same way sometimes!

  2. 3.13.19
    Kristin said:

    I liked Dear Mrs. Bird. I’m on a VERY long wait list for The Anonymous Girl.

    • 3.15.19
      Karly said:

      I’m enjoying Mrs. Bird so far, and the wait is worth it for Anonymous Girl!

  3. 3.13.19

    Epilogues in books make me happy

  4. 3.12.19
    SMD said:

    I’m a fan of two epilogues in a book.

  5. 3.12.19
    Stephanie said:

    I think I’ll add My Favorite Half-Night Stand to my summer reading list, I might light that one!

    • 3.15.19
      Karly said:

      It’s a really cute light read. Enjoy!

  6. 3.12.19
    Heather said:

    I’ll probably read Make Me Bad eventually when I get KU again but not in a rush based on early reviews from trusted reader friends 🙂 I loved Half Night Stand and Hate Notes too as you know – and same feelings about Ache for You as you had. I am looking forward to Christina Lauren’s new book!!

    • 3.15.19
      Karly said:

      Yeah, don’t rush to read Make Me Bad – I was pretty disappointed! I love the cover of Christina Lauren’s new book, can’t wait!

  7. 3.12.19
    kristen said:

    i had super low expectations for hate notes as well, until heather recommended it. i’ve had mixed luck with that author duo but i was pleasantly surprised. it was adorable and the epilogues killed me. make me bad was probably my least, or second least, favourite RS Grey. i wasn’t going to read it but then a few people mentioned some Austen scenes and i couldn’t help myself. what was that situation in the beginning?! like what?! so freaking random.
    i liked ache for you but didn’t love it. womp womp.

    • 3.15.19
      Karly said:

      Hate Notes was so stinkin’ cute. I was pleasantly surprised. Make Me Bad on the other hand … yeah, not good lol.

  8. 3.12.19
    Monica said:

    I really liked Hate Notes too from what I recall!

  9. 3.12.19

    Yay for getting back into reading more. I’m sorry so many of them were just okay for you though.


    • 3.15.19
      Karly said:

      Better okay than just flat out bad – lol!

  10. 3.11.19
    Biana said:

    I felt the same about hate notes and my half night stand! Adding the other woman to my reading list! xo Biana BlovedBoston

  11. 3.11.19
    Kay R.D. said:

    I have had Make me bad on my kindle for a while now. I figured it would just be ok so I havent read it yet lol. Love R.S. Grey but ive been kinda disappointed lately.

    • 3.15.19
      Karly said:

      I’m with you! I wouldn’t rush to read it … it’s probably my least favorite of hers yet.

  12. 3.11.19
    Debbie said:

    I always enjoy seeing what you’re reading! As you know my list is long and hopefully one of these days I’ll get to it!

    • 3.15.19
      Karly said:

      I still have quite a few of your books borrowed, so hopefully one of these days I can get to those and return them to you!