The 6 Things We Do Every Sunday For a Successful Week

Sundays used to be my “do nothing” days, but somewhere in the last few years that has drastically changed. Now I – and Ryan when he’s home – typically approach Sunday as the most productive day of the week! We enjoy taking advantage of the downtime to tackle mundane tasks that usually fall wayside during the week, and it also helps us get ready to take on whatever the days ahead have in store. While there sometimes is – and let’s face it, usually is – more to get done than what’s on this list, these are the 6 things we do every Sunday for a successful week.

6 Things We Do Every Sunday For a Successful Week


There are few better things than starting the week with a fresh, clean slate. Since I’m home a lot during the week, to me that means having a clean house! My mind simply cannot function if I know that our bathroom is dirty or piles of Finn’s hair are looming in the corner waiting to be vacuumed. We typically start with the bathrooms, then move on to dusting and vacuuming. With some extra Christmas cash, we treated ourselves to an iRobot Roomba vaccum (this is the model we purchased, and it’s still on sale!) a couple weeks ago and it’s hands-down one of the best purchases we’ve ever made. So, we now run that at night to get our hard floors clean after we go upstairs to bed.


I’m pretty good at throwing in a small load of laundry every day/every couple days during the week, so I reserve Sunday laundry for bigger items. Blankets, throw pillow covers, our bed quilt/comforter, rugs, etc. Blankets I typically wash every week, while some of the other things I’ll group together and do every other week.

Meal plan.

This was a goal for Ryan and I throughout 2018, and I think I officially can say that we’re in a pretty good habit/routine of it! It takes all the guesswork out of figuring out meals every night of the week and makes a huge difference in the grocery bill. Ryan’s schedule rotates every other week, so it’s easiest for us to sit down Sunday mornings to figure out what meals we’re eating together throughout the week and when we’re on our own.

Tidy up.

I absolutely hate clutter – it’s what my nightmares are made of. That said, I/we aren’t exactly saints during the week with dropping things off on our entryway bench or leaving unopened mail on the kitchen table. I’ve also been known to leave folded laundry in the laundry room for a few extra days because I’m too lazy to carry it upstairs and put it away. 😉 So, we always take an hour or so to give everything a home. I like to do this shortly before bed. It’s an easy way to wind down and usually helps me get to sleep faster knowing that I’ll wake up to a sorted house!

Change the bed sheets.

Clean sheets equal fresh scent and comfortable sleep. Because it’s little luxuries like this that make all the difference in setting up a positive mindset for the week ahead.

Set up a to-do list for the week.

We keep a family calendar on our fridge, and I have a separate personal planner. On Sundays, I typically take both calendars to cross-check anything important – appointments, birthdays and so on. I then start a to-do list for the week that I keep on the fridge so Ryan also can see what I have in mind/what needs to get done. It’s an easy, effective way for us to get on the same page and know expectations of the other person as we head into a new week.

Okay, your turn! Now that I’ve shared the 6 things we do every Sunday for a successful week, I want to know what you do to put a good foot forward at the start of the week. Any tips, tricks or secret shortcuts that you swear by to make life a little easier?

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