November 2018 Reads & Reviews

I’ve been reading at a little slower pace these days. I didn’t read at all while we were on vacation at the beginning of last month, and it has kind of been downhill from there. My head tends to be all over the place this time of year, so it can be hard to concentrate on a book. That said, what I have read has been pretty damn good so here’s my November 2018 reads and reviews roundup.

November 2018 Reads & Reviews

My Top Picks …

Tailspin by Sandra BrownTailspin by Sandra Brown
War veteran pilot and local doctor get tangled up in a race-against-time to save a life

This is one of my new top favorites from this author. It captured all the same feelings and vibes I got from Mean Streak (my all-time favorite). Everything is in this book – mystery, thrills, romance … The beginning was a little confusing until I figured out all the characters and kept everyone straight. From there, I couldn’t put it down.

Dating You/Hating You by Christina LaurenDating You/Hating You by Christina Lauren
frenemies-to-lovers chick-lit romance

New favorite chick-lit/romance author(s) alert! Can’t believe I waited this long to read a book by these two ladies. I’m a sucker for this type of romance, so I’m probably bias; however, this type of read was exactly what I needed at the time. It was fun and light-hearted – not overly sexy, which can get to be too much these days. I laughed for about five minutes when Carter dumped Glitter into Evie’s car vents. Genius.

Behind Closed Doors by B.A. ParisBehind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris
“perfect” married couple isn’t really perfect after all

I know I’m a year (or more) late to the game on this one, but it was great. My grandma actually was the one that recommended this, and I figured I’d like it since I enjoyed Bring Me Back so much! Sucked me in after the first few pages, and I couldn’t put it down. It was kind of easy to figure out what was going to happen, but I was still holding my breath for the last few chapters … might’ve even done a few air fist-pumps when everything resolved itself.

Enjoyable Enough …

The Lost for Words Bookshop by Stephanie ButlandThe Lost for Words Bookshop by Stephanie Butland
girl with troubled, tragic childhood finds solace working in a local bookshop

I picked this up on a whim at the library because, well, I liked the cover and title. The story was surprisingly complex! Loveday is one of the more complicated characters that I’ve gotten to know in a while, and I enjoyed learning all the facets of her life/childhood and why she is the way she is. This book is another reminder that sometimes family is found and chosen, rather than given.

Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating by Christina LaurenJosh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren
best friends-to-lovers romance

Again, this was super cute and I’m enjoying these authors to no-end. Some of this story was kind of all over the place – the fact that Josh and Hazel knew each other in college kept coming up, but I don’t feel like it played an integral part of their story – but I’ll try to take this for what it is. A super cute and really funny story of two friends that fall in love. Try not to smile while reading this one, I dare you.

Currently reading: The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle

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  1. 1.28.19

    I like the cover of The Lost for Words Bookshop as well. And the title. Honestly, anything with the word “bookshop” (or library) in the title instantly has me intrigued.

  2. 1.28.19

    I like BA Paris’s books so much. Currently waiting on Josh and Hazel to arrive from the library.

  3. 1.28.19

    I enjoyed Behind Closed Doors. I love a good suspense book. I recently read my first Christina Lauren book and also agree, why did I wait so long to read one of their books!

  4. 1.28.19
    Heather said:

    Loved Josh and Hazel – I have yet to read a book by that duo that I did NOT love and I think their newest (comes out Dec 4) is my favourite yet. The Lost Words Bookshop sounds good!!! I didn’t 100% love Tailspin – I think I wanted a little more from it but I have to admit that it was a unique storyline and I read it quickly, so I really enjoyed it from that perspective!

    • 1.28.19

      Is that My Favorite Half Night Stand, or is there an even newer one than that?! Either way, all their books are now on my TBR lol. Loved Lost Words Bookshop, and I totally can see what you’re saying about Tailspin. I was just glad that I finally got the same Mean Streak feeling from one of her books because a few others I’ve read didn’t do much for me.

  5. 1.28.19
    The Adored Life said:

    I feel like instead of SAD for this time of the year, I get temporarily ADHD because I can’t concentrate on anything right now!

    The Adored Life

  6. 1.28.19
    Caroline said:

    I am reading a book right now and I feel like it is taking me forever to finish it haha. Between work and other things I feel like I don’t have as much time. Tailspin sounds good though so I may add that to my list! šŸ™‚

    • 1.28.19

      Tailspin is a good read! I’m definitely slowing down with reading because everything else is so busy this time of year.

  7. 1.28.19
    Gina Daily said:

    I agree with you on the Sandra Brown books! Mean Streak was my favorite but I liked Tailspin, too. I read a couple of others by her in between and they were more predictable/forgettable.

  8. 1.28.19
    Brittany Steinkamp said:

    I definitely want to check out Behind Closed Doors! And Tailspin sounds good too. Don’t you wish there was just more time in the day to read?!

    • 1.28.19

      No kidding! Especially this time of year – it’s just so hard to concentrate. I know that you typically like thriller/suspenseful reads, so Behind Closed Doors is right up your alley!

  9. 1.28.19

    YAAAASSSSS. So glad you liked Tailspin!! I’m glad you enjoyed dating you/hating you, i really liked that one too šŸ™‚ i really loved josh and hazel too so i’m glad you liked it. i have their newest from netgalley but haven’t gotten to it yet. i’ve heard their older stuff isn’t as good but i still want to give it a go one day.

    • 1.28.19

      I pretty much have all their standalone books on my TBR list now, lol. Can’t believe I waited so long.

  10. 1.28.19
    Kay R. said:

    Tailspin looks really good and is on my kindle so I may pick it up soon. I always love your reviews esp since we have similar book tastes.

    • 1.28.19

      Thank you, I’m glad to hear that! Definitely pick up Tailspin when you have a chance – I think it’s worth it!

  11. 1.28.19

    Behind closed doors is on my to-read list as well. Glad to hear good things about it!

    Visit me:

  12. 1.28.19
    Debra Stachelski said:

    You always find the most interesting books! I’m really hoping to read Behind Closed Doors soon but I’m probably kidding myself with the chaos of the holidays about to set in!

    • 1.28.19

      I think you should time to read at night before bed – that’s not even a long book, and I know you’ll get hooked and won’t be able to put it down!

  13. 1.28.19
    Biana Perez said:

    You and I really like the same kinds of books so I need to read some of Christina Lauren’s books!! Have you read any by Lauren Layne – I think you’d like her too! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • 1.28.19

      I always look forward to your book reviews for the same reason! I think you’d enjoy Christina Lauren books, I can’t wait to read more. I haven’t heard of Lauren Layne, so I’ll definitely look her up on Goodreads – thanks for the rec!

  14. 1.28.19

    I loved Josh and Hazel. Hazel was an awesome character.