August 2018 Reads & Reviews

Happy Monday and August 2018 reads and reviews day! Grab a hot cup of something and load up Goodreads to start your book list for the month.

August 2018 Reads & Reviews

My Top Picks …

the foxe & the hound by r.s. greyThe Foxe & the Hound by R.S. Grey (Kindle Unlimited)
frenemies-to-lovers rom-com

Give me romantic chick-lit that involves a vet and dogs and I’M THERE. 😉 It took me a minute to realize that this book is set in the same town and has character appearances from Anything You Can Do, which is my favorite R.S. Grey book. So, once that caught up with me I loved it that much more. Cute, funny and swoon-worthy – everything you’d expect from Grey’s writing.
when life gives you lululemons by lauren weisbergerWhen Life Gives You Lululemons by Lauren Weisberger
third installment of Devil Wears Prada series; follows Emily and two of her suburban mom-friends

Not being a big fan of the first two books, I went into this with low expectations. Well, I devoured this book! It was so fun. Suburban insanity, over-the-top intrigue and scandal, married life realities … it’s all there and presented in a pretty relatable (but hilarious) way. You have to pay attention to the chapter names for a good laugh. Emily always was my favorite character from this series, but Miriam stole the show for this one.

still me by jojo moyesStill Me by Jojo Moyes
third installment of Me Before You Series; Louisa is on a new adventure in New York

Oh, my heart. It was happy times to finally be reunited with Louisa, and this might be my favorite of the three books. I admire Louisa’s tenacity and willingness to go out on a limb for others even if it might jeopardize her character. She’s still trying to live and honor Will’s legacy – he’s even somewhat guiding her – but it was refreshing to see that by the end of the book she was finally landing on her own two feet. And, ambulance Sam is still as adorable as ever. I’m assuming that this is the last of this series, which makes me sad because I just love all the characters so much.

Enjoyable Enough …

forever, interrupted by taylor jenkins reidForever, Interrupted by Taylor Jenkins Reid
woman figures out how to continue life after a whirlwind romance ends in tragedy

This was the only TJR book I hadn’t yet read, and it’s my least favorite of the bunch. Makes sense since this was her first novel, so her writing is a little whatever – like she’s trying to figure it out. Fair enough! Still what I expected from her, though – a story of love and loss and how to pick up the pieces.
the french girl by lexie elliottThe French Girl by Lexie Elliot
group of friends are murder suspects of a girl they met on holiday several years prior

The premise of this one was intriguing, but it was way too long and repetitive. Kate needed to stop being a self-indulgent brat and open her eyes to what was right in front of her, and  the whole thing with the dead girl’s ghost was a bit far-fetched for my mind. I didn’t have the whole thing figured out, so I appreciate the mild suspense and somewhat-surprising ending.

not so nice guy by r.s. greyNot So Nice Guy by R.S. Grey (ARC received from author, Kindle Unlimited)
best friends-to-lovers rom-com

This is exactly what we’ve come to expect and love from R.S. Grey. The dialogue between Sam and Ian is fast-paced, witty and laugh-out-loud funny from beginning to end. Add in some major swoon-worthy moments, and this book is what summer reading dreams are made of. I admit that this isn’t my favorite of hers that I’ve read to-date – there needed to be a little more back-and-forth between Sam and Ian in the friendship phase instead of jumping right in, in my opinion; however, there’s no denying that this book will make you smile and simply feel good. You’ll be rooting for Sam and Ian the whole way through!

Just Okay …

the music shop by rachel joyceThe Music Shop by Rachel Joyce
down-on-his-luck record store owner falls in love with mysterious woman

Randomly picked this one up at the library because I liked the cover and sleeve description. This was a slow read. Like, painstakingly slow. I thought I was going to have to give up on it a few times. However, I enjoyed getting to know the personalities of all the characters and how their relationships bonded the whole neighborhood together. The ending gave me a lot of feels – it’s a sweet one.

the wedding date by jasmine guilloryThe Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory
strangers meet in an elevator and agree to a weekend of pretend-dating

I think I’m in the minority group that didn’t love this book. Sorry! Did I miss the turning point when Alexa and Drew fell madly in love? Seems to me that they pretended to date for a weekend, decided to continue casually seeing each other, fight, not speak, make up, and then start the cycle over again. Only redeeming quality for me was the epilogue.

a nantucket wedding by nancy thayerA Nantucket Wedding by Nancy Thayer
soon-to-be blended family works to figure each other and themselves out

This is a solid beach read at best. Definitely no Elin Hilderbrand, but I’ve never read any other Thayer books so maybe she has better ones. There wasn’t a whole lot of character development or explanation of the family dynamic – apparently Jane and Felicity didn’t get along growing up, but now they’re as close as can be thanks to their soon-to-be step-daddy’s million dollar Nantucket house. WHAT?! Spoiled, entitled brats. All of them, including the mother.

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