Coffee Chat No. 12 | Monday Morning Musings

Good morning, blog land! I hope that everybody had a great weekend – it was a busy one over here! I’m going to jump straight into today’s coffee chat with a few Monday morning musings. Join me, please!

Coffee Chat No. 9
We took a day trip to my hometown Friday to visit my grandparents and also were able to squeeze in a quick trip to Nordstrom. I wanted to see and try on some of the anniversary items before making a commitment. These tees, this highlighter and this moisturizer set were my “big” purchases. I was so underwhelmed! Maybe also a little annoyed/over all of it … But hey, I’m glad to have some new, good quality basics since that’s what I live in 98% of the time.

Saturday marked four years since we brought home our sweet Finley! We celebrated with lots of snuggles while I was holed up in bed with a migraine. Yay! 😉 These are some of the life lessons that he’s taught me throughout these last few years.

We saw Won’t You Be My Neighbor? yesterday, and I think EVERYBODY should see it. Gosh, it gave me every feeling in the book. Pretty sure I cried on/off the rest of the day after we left the movie theater. It’s incredible how much is still relevant today (if not more so) and how one person simply wanted all of us to love.

Thanks to a recommendation from Kristen, this very well might be a life-altering hair tool. I’ve only used it once, so I don’t want to jump to conclusions … but oh my goodness I’m kind of obsessed. A full dedicated blog post is coming in the near future (along with a few other hair-related posts!).

Downton Abbey fans, did you hear the best news ever?!

Just a quick PSA that I have a bunch of new stuff listed for sale in my Poshmark closet! Everything is either new or like-new (only worn once or twice).

Our favorite go-to recipe lately.

Just finished reading When Life Gives You Lululemons and Forever, Interrupted. Both are good summer reads! Lululemons was definitely my favorite of the three Devil Wears Prada series – Emily always was my favorite character. I’ll share more in next month’s reading roundup. In the meantime, here’s this month’s book reviews!

That’s it from me and my Monday morning musings! Here’s to the week ahead, let’s make it a good one!

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