My 7 Biggest Pet Peeves

I’m really digging this whole get-to-know me thing at the end of each month! Not only because I get to share some random stuff about myself, but I genuinely enjoy everyone that participates with their own answers in the comments. Let’s keep it rolling this month – we’re chatting all about biggest pet peeves! Writing these out made my skin crawl.

My 7 Biggest Pet Peeves
1. Loud chewers/chewing with your mouth open/smacking your mouth while eating. Nails on a chalkboard to my ears. Don’t worry – I’m not afraid to call you out on it.

2. When someone doesn’t hold a door open when you’re right behind or a few paces back from them. This is just rude manners.

3. Being late! If I’m not 10-15 minutes early for something, I basically freak out so I don’t understand other people’s excuses.

4. Not using the turn signal while driving. Ryan thinks this is hilarious because without fail, I always sarcastically yell “NICE TURN SIGNAL!” when this happens.

5. Writing in the margins of a book and/or highlighting passages. My only exceptions are cookbooks and self-help books. Otherwise, take notes on a separate piece of paper, will ya?

6. People going out in public in pajamas. I’m not talking about athleisure wear. I mean Spongebob Square Pants-printed fleece pants and a shitty tee. It takes hardly any more effort to at least put a pair of jeans on.

7. When someone stands right in front of what you’re looking at in a store aisle. I mean, hello? Am I invisible or are you just that oblivious? Ugh.

No joke that just writing out my biggest pet peeves gave me goosies and made my arm hair stand straight up. This stuff drives me nuts! Hopefully I’m not the only one. 😉

As always, I want you to participate in this month’s get-to-know me prompt! So, leave those pet peeves of yours in the comments. Do we share any of the same ones?

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