What Are Your Worst Habits? Here’s 5 of Mine.

At the end of last month, I shared nine quirks that you probably don’t know about me. The post seemed to go over well, and since I always enjoy getting personal and keeping it real around here I’m going to try to turn this into a monthly thing! This month, we’re discussing worst habits because well – none of us are perfect and we all have them.

What Are Your Worst Habits?
While I probably have others, here are five of my worst habits. And, let it be known that it took me approximately two seconds to come up with this list! I’m more than well-aware of these traits that I probably should do a little work on.

Chewing on pen caps. I’ve done this for as long as I can remember, probably all the way back to grade school. I’m not sure if most people qualify this as a “bad” habit, but many say it’s bad for my teeth. I’d argue it’s bad for my poor pen caps …

Blowing gum bubbles. In private this is okay I guess, but I really need to learn to control myself in public. I’ll just blow and pop my gum all day long without a care in the world of how loud or annoying it is.

Ripping out hangnails. Ryan thinks this is some sick form of self-torture. There could be a pair of nail clippers sitting right next to me, and I’ll still opt to pull out any hangnail I might have. Hey, give me some credit – if blood gets involved I stop.

Cursing. Sorry for this one, Mom and Dad! This started while I was in college. I even amaze myself sometimes the amount of swear words that come out of my mouth. Oops. At least I’m aware of it and usually am able to catch myself when I’m out of the house.

Interrupting people while they’re talking. I come by this honestly – several people in my family have this problem! Mine isn’t as bad as others (I don’t think at least), and it’s only particularly bad when I’m on the phone. Ryan is the primary victim of this bad habit, but I just like to think that we know each other so well that I’m finishing his sentences! I’m sure he’d agree with me. 😉

I suppose there are worse bad habits, but this list of mine does make me cringe a little! Maybe one of these days I’ll work on bettering a few of them, but for now they’re a part of me – flawed and all! Alright, you’re up! Share your worst habit in the comments – do we share any of the same ones or similar?