Modern Farmhouse-Inspired Laundry Room Reveal

Remember that one time back in JANUARY when I shared the inspiration for our laundry room renovation? Yeah, me too. I can’t help but laugh that so much time has passed on this project, but life happens! But, I’m finally excited to share our modern farmhouse-inspired laundry room reveal with you today! Even though this room took us twice the amount of time that we originally planned – sometimes the easiest projects are the ones we drag our feet on – I’m so happy with how it turned out. Ryan (per the norm) brought my vision to life!

Let’s start with the before. Yucky walls and outdated cabinets/fixtures. It’s really hard to get a decent picture of this space using the fancy camera, so iPhone for the win.

small laundry room before 1small laundry room before 2
And, here we are today! A bright and refreshed laundry room with updated furnishings and the cutest folding table I ever did see. (yeah, it’s just a piece of wood, but I think it finishes the room so well!).

Modern Farmhouse-Inspired Laundry Room Reveal
For being a relatively small space, the fresh coat of paint (Zurich White by Sherwin Williams) and new white cabinets really open everything up. To me, the room feels a lot bigger than it really is. I’m perfectly content to be in there now to fold clothes.

modern farmhouse laundry room white and black decormodern farmhouse laundry room decor
If you compare the finished product to my inspiration board, you’ll notice that I stayed pretty spot on with everything. Besides our half bathroom, this was our most budget-friendly project yet! The new utility sink cabinet, wall cabinets and ceiling light were the only “investment” pieces. Ryan was able to DIY nearly everything else – he built frames for the top of the wall cabinets to give the illusion that they go to the ceiling; he figured out and built the folding tabletop; and we simply spray painted the old wood hanging dowel and hardware black to make it look like a pipe! Paired with a new set of blinds, a curtain valence that I found for $2 at Kohl’s and some minimal, inexpensive decor (some of which I already had), this room was a piece of cake to finish off and make look more expensive than it was.

Modern Farmhouse-Inspired Laundry Room Reveal
With the laundry room finally complete, the entire first floor of our house is DONE. Cue the hallelujah chorus. We’ve been at it almost nonstop for nearly four years, including a major kitchen renovation, so I’d say we’re kind of owning this whole homeowner thing. 😉 Lucky for us, the upstairs is a lot of paint/basic cosmetic changes plus whatever we decide to do with the two bathrooms. So, we’re in the homestretch of being done with our little 90’s fixer upper!

Hope you enjoyed our modern farmhouse-inspired laundry room reveal! We’ve put so much time, money and love into this house, and I truly love sharing all our projects with you. I tried to link to what I could below, but don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions. Also be sure to let me know if there’s any upcoming home-related posts that you’d like to see! You can check out all our past home projects in the archives.

Source list:

Wall color: Zurich White by Sherwin Williams
Folding table: DIY
Ceiling light (not pictured): Lowe’s
White cabinets: Lowe’s
Utility sink cabinet: Lowe’s
Cabinet pulls: Amazon
Window blinds: Lowe’s
Curtain valence: Kohl’s
Hanging metal vases: old from Magnolia Market
Laundry room sign: Hobby Lobby
Hearth & Hand with Magnolia candle: Target
Faux greenery: Ikea
Glass jar: Target
Rug: old from TJMaxx