The One Thing I Do Every Morning to Start the Day Right

I’m kind of over technology these days. As a blogger I probably shouldn’t voice that opinion, but it’s the truth! The online world and social media realm are changing at damn-near impossible rates, and it’s overwhelming to keep up. I’m 100% guilty of reaching for my phone first thing after I open my eyelids in the morning (sometimes even before I’m fully awake, let’s get real) to jump straight into work. Is that healthy? Nope. Am I proud of this bad habit? Hell no. So, it’s time for a change! Throughout the last few weeks, I’ve tweaked my morning routine a little and have noticed some big changes in both my mood and motivation as a result. Want to know the one thing I do every morning to start the day right? Well, here it is folks …

I read for 30 minutes!

The One Thing I Do Every Morning to Start the Day Right
That’s right – you read it here first. The secret to start the day right is to put away the technology and exercise your creative mind through reading for just 30 minutes. Groundbreaking, no? 😉 It’s not a secret that reading is one of my life’s greatest joys – it’s how I end every single day before I go to sleep. So, why had I never thought to start my day the same way?

You see, since I work from home I have the urge to always be doing something. Whether it’s freelance projects, blogging, stuff around the house … there’s several critics in my life that believe that working from home is code for unemployed loser, so I guess I feel the need to prove them wrong (even though I know and live the reality). Perhaps I felt like taking time for myself right away in the morning is selfish, and I’m undeserving of that.

Well, I’m not in that mindset anymore! I set a 30-minute reminder alarm on my Fitbit to start right after I pour a cup of coffee. From there, I’m free to either get lost in whatever book I’m reading or pick up any magazines or catalogues that I’ve neglected. The only rule for that half hour is no phone/computer/technology (except my Kindle).

As a result, I’ve noticed my stress levels are way down and I’m more likely to be in an upbeat, positive mood for the rest of the day. Plus, reading always sparks a certain amount of creativity so I’m able to stay more motivated and focused on work throughout the day. It’s a win-win all around!

There you have it, the one thing I do every morning to start the day right. Now, my challenge to all of you is to give this a go for yourself! If you commute to work via public transportation, bring reading material with you. Or, if you can’t totally sign off in the morning maybe try to read during your lunch hour. A midday reading-refresher sounds like heaven to me! Bottom line is that a half hour of zero screen time is nothing, and you may be surprised by how refreshed you feel.

How do you get away from screens and technology throughout the day?

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