Welcome to What Karly Said & Why I Re-branded

WELCOME TO WHAT KARLY SAID! That’s right – Miss in the Midwest is in my past, and I am so so so excited to finally share with you the new site today! With any re-brand, there’s a lot to talk about and so much to share. So, I’m going to do my best to hit the highlights today and follow-up with any more specific topics in future posts.

Welcome to What Karly Said

Why did I choose to change my blog name after four years?

It’s no secret that changing a blog name/re-branding, no matter how long or short you’ve been at it, is not an ideal situation. But, here’s the straight truth – I loathed Miss in the Midwest. Sure, it was cute and catchy and represented a time in my life when things were a lot simpler and carefree. Otherwise, that name and blog identity didn’t represent me (except for my geographical location) or say much about my personality.

Changing my blog name has been on my mind for a long time now. Probably at least a year or so, but I was never able to commit/I found a million and one reasons not to do it. Until recently, I finally just kind of said screw it and decided I was going to go for it! Yeah, SEO and Google rankings might suck for a while, but it’s not like I have tens of thousands of people flocking to my blog everyday. So, whatever! This was 100% for me.

So, why What Karly Said?

As the youngest of three siblings there was a lot of, “that’s what Karly said!” growing up. Fast-forward to my ripe age of 29, and I still hear that same phrase almost daily from either my mom, sister or friends when discussing beauty advice I give out, new Target shopping finds, sharing the latest celebrity gossip, etc. You get the picture! I seem to always be saying something about anything, so it was a perfect fit for my new blog name. Plus, I knew I wanted something more personal (can’t get more personal than my own name) and shorter in terms of domain name/email address. Obviously I’m bias, but I think it all worked out.

Will my content and posting schedule change?

While the primary topics of what I write about – everyday life, beauty, shopping, home – won’t change, my hope is that writing/sharing will improve on my end! I was so unmotivated the last few months because of Miss in the Midwest that my content took a hit. It’s not an excuse, but I basically was just trying to post stuff to post – you know? That’s all behind me now, and I have pages of new post ideas! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you, too have any ideas/suggestions for future content.

I’ll also still be aiming to post two to three times weekly – primarily Monday and Wednesday with the occasional Friday post if I feel inclined.

Now I need your help!

I’ve been at this for nearly a week now, so it’s safe to say that my brain is tired and my eyes are temporarily cross-eyed. That’s where you come in!

Since you’re already here, that should indicate that everything transferred smoothly. Hooray! I hope it’s that easy. But, this is technology that we’re discussing so that can be tricky sometimes. Are you still following me on Bloglovin’? I moved everyone over from the old page, but it takes two seconds to double-check. Otherwise, be sure to subscribe via email with that nifty newsletter widget in the sidebar. I know that you see it. 😉

Social media should be a nonissue since that just required a simple change of usernames across the board. If you were following @msinthemidwest, you should now be following @whatkarlysaid on all the major social networks!

I’m also still working behind-the-scenes on getting my new layout/design stuff set up (thanks to Lindsay Humes for the theme!), so please take some time to click around and check out all the new features! If something doesn’t appear to work, seems weird or you just don’t like it, please let me know! The ultimate goal is to always make things easily searchable and accessible.

On that note, let me again welcome you to What Karly Said! If you’re a former follower of Miss in the Midwest, thanks for sticking with me. If you’re a new follower, I’m so glad and grateful that you’re here. Looking forward to getting back into the regular rhythm of things with new content coming your way soon!