Six Things I Loved in March

Hello, and happy Monday! Pretty sure every single one of us says this every month, but for real – where did March go? I guess I need to give up on the idea that time might slow down a little. (#yeahright)

We’re getting into a “new” monthly series today! I use the term new loosely because I’ve done some form of monthly favorites roundup for a while now, but nothing ever seemed right or wanted to stick. Kallie is who I first saw with this type of post format, and then recently Alissa jumped on the bandwagon. It’s a good way to commit to this post without being tied down by a specific number or category of things.

So, let’s give it a go and jump into six things I loved in March!

Six Things I Loved in March - What Karly Said

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The Furminator

This one is for my fellow dog moms! You wouldn’t guess by looking at him, but Finley sheds his weight in dog hair on the daily. We sometimes vacuum two, three times a day just to keep up with it! The Furminator was somewhat of an impulse buy after I did a little reading on it, and it’s the best grooming tool that we’ve invested in!

Six Things I Loved in March - What Karly Said - The Furminator medium dog brush

I won’t even try to explain what makes this different from just a regular dog brush, but it works. We use it once a week per the instructions, and we’ve seen a significant decrease in Finn’s hair blowing around like tumbleweeds throughout the house. No, it’s not a shedding cure-all, but I’ll pay good money for anything that will help manage the dog hair.

E! Channel scripted series’

The E! Channel is give-or-take these days, but they’re doing something right with their scripted series’! The Arrangement and The Royals came back this month, and I’m all here for it. The Royals is still my favorite of the two – The Arrangement can kind of be so bad that it’s good. If you watch, then you know what I’m talking about. Both of these shows are what I deem binge-worthy, so get to it!

Sonia Kashuk makeup blending sponges

I ranted and raved about these makeup sponges ($10 for a two pack) on Instagram Stories last week, and the love is still real. It has been years since I’ve used a brand name Beauty Blender – why would I when there’s so many good, affordable options now? – but from what I can remember, this drugstore option is about the closest dupe that I’ve found/tried. Even better than the high-end option, in my opinion, is that this one has a flat side that makes applying/blending foundation a dream. Plus, that black and white marble pattern?! Who knew makeup sponges could look so chic.

Under Armour elastic headbands

After I cut my hair even shorter last month, literally my first train of thought was, “how the hell am I going to pull it back at the gym?” While I can get most of it back into a small nub of a ponytail, there’s still quite a bit of the bottom layer of hair on my neck and the rest tends to fall out when I start to run. Ryan gifted me some elastic sport headbands for my birthday, and they’ve been a saving grace. Sure, they’re not the most attractive things, but I’m at the gym to sweat so who cares! These save short-haired girls like myself from using a billion bobby pins to pin everything up, and they don’t lose their slip/grip.

Six Things I Loved in March - What Karly Said - AF pullover SK makeup sponges and UA elastic sport headbands

Abercrombie & Fitch pullover

Yep, I 100% understand the hype around this pullover now. A birthday gift from my parents, and I wear it nearly every chance I get (no really, I do). It’s hard to find a sweatshirt/jacket hybrid that keeps you warm but still looks cute. Abercrombie nailed it! I’m a size Medium, and I find it true-to-size – especially if you like sweatshirts/jackets to fit a little loose.


This is incredibly random, but it’s my blog and my post so just roll with it. 😉 I’ve just been loving Twitter these days! I mostly use it to ask questions and get suggestions/feedback on a variety of topics, and you guys pull through. Some of you basically decided for Ryan and I were to travel to in October for our wedding anniversary, and I love that! Takes the guesswork out of certain things. Anyway, I’ve been having fun with it again so I’d love for us to connect over there – I’m @whatkarlysaid.

Six Things I Loved in March - What Karly Said - Twitter

Those are the six things I loved in March! There were definitely others I could’ve added, but I primarily want to share new or noteworthy things that have brought me significant joy, solved a problem, or simply made things a little easier.

Be on the lookout for more posts like this the last Monday of each month! Psst – don’t forget to check out the nifty new shop the post feature at the bottom of this post!

What did you love this month? Do we share any same/similar favorites?

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