Coffee Chat No. 8

Happy Friday! It has been A WEEK, so I’m keeping it short and sweet today with a little coffee chat.

Coffee Chat No. 8

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I’ve had no time or desire to take new photos lately, so #sorrynotsorry for including whatever decent-enough photo is on my phone. Finny boy makes everything cuter, though – am I right?!

I am so inspired by the younger generation and the movement that they’ve created throughout the last week. It’s kind of incredible that in the wake of such tragedy and grief that they have the sense of mind to challenge authority. If you’re looking for a small way to support the cause, I came across this blue and white striped heart mug with all proceeds going toward Everytown for Gun Safety.

Everyone seems to be losing their minds over the new Universal Threads line at Target. Can anyone attest to sizing and quality? I’m thinking of grabbing this tee for vacation.

I mentioned in my recent currently post that I was testing some Kiehl’s skin care products. Womp womp – I sent everything back. Maybe my skin was too irritated to begin with, but these products made everything worse. My skin was lobster red and basically burning after cleansing. No go. I’m back to my usual La Roche Posay routine, and everything seems to be getting better. Hallelujah!

Did you catch my Instagram Stories last week to see that I hacked another 3+ inches off my hair?! Yeah, yeah – I’ll post a picture to my feed eventually. I was pretty shocked at first, but it has grown on me! It’s a fun change and nice to have hair off my neck at all times. Thinking of ordering some hot rollers to change it up on occasion.

I’m wearing this floral dress to a bridal shower tomorrow, and I love it so much. So comfortable, perfect midi length, and it has pockets. WINNER.

On that note, I’m officially on vacation! We’re headed to Florida on Sunday for the week. While I had some blog post drafts ready, I ultimately decided to step away while we’re gone to fully enjoy Ryan, my 29th birthday, and our time together that seems to be far and few these days. I’m sure I’ll still share some through Instagram, but otherwise the plan is to disconnect and relax. Sounds like the best birthday present to me!

Talk to you when I get back! Have a great week!

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  1. 1.28.19

    oh no, so sorry to hear about the Kiehl’s products! glad your old routine is working. i have bought nothing from target’s new line (actually nothing from target clothes wise since before they announced it) but that tee is cute! i LOVE that dress! the floral is pretty but i feel the need for the polka dot one in my life. you had me at pockets and midi.

    • 1.28.19

      Are you going to the Derby stuff this year? That dress in the polka dot print would be perfect for you! It’s seriously so comfortable – I can’t even wait to wear it in the summer with a jean jacket for a more casual look. I just bought another dress from Target from that same line … can’t stop, won’t stop lol.

  2. 1.28.19

    Lindsay at Lovely Life Styling just did a whole Target try on post with a ton of Universal Thread stuff! Happy early birthday! Enjoy your trip!

  3. 1.28.19
    Biana Perez said:

    Enjoy your much deserved vacation and your birthday! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  4. 1.28.19
    Debra Stachelski said:

    I agree, what a week! Looking forward to seeing all of you and spending time with Finn next week though! Happy vacay in your happy place!

  5. 1.28.19
    Caroline said:

    That floral dress is really pretty! Your hair looks fab and I hope that you have a wonderful trip. You deserve to relax and be happy. And disconnect!! 🙂

  6. 1.28.19

    I love the mug you posted! I just went and bought one! Thanks for the share!!

  7. 1.28.19

    Great round up! Hope you had a fab weekend!

  8. 1.28.19

    I definitely went through that stage where I didn’t have many photos ready and it was kind of nice to just not really deal with it. I hope that you have the best time on vacation and that you’ll post some stuff on Instagram so I can live vicariously through you!

  9. 1.28.19
    Ashley Ziegler said:

    This is the first time I’m hearing of this Universal Threads line! I don’t have a Target where I live (saddest day ever).