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Tips to Spark Creativity If You’re in a Post-Holiday Rut

Ah, the post-December slump. I’m living it and know it well. All that planning, anticipation and (at times) chaos, and just like that it’s all over. Time to snap back to reality. Well … for some of us, it’s not that easy! Especially if you’re living somewhere right now where the average windchill temperature is -350 F, so the couch and heated blanket are the only two things you really want or need. Yep, I’m speaking from experience. 😉 While none of these factors feed into much creativity or motivation, I’ve discovered a few things that are helping me to get back to a regular routine. And, bonus for being able to write what I know/am currently experiencing since my blog creativity-well is running a little low! So, here we go – tips to spark creativity if you’re in a post-holiday rut.

Tips to Spark Creativity If You're in a Post-Holiday Rut
1. Exercise. Duh, this is an obvious one. Whether you’ve resolved to get moving in the new year or you’re a regular gym rat like myself, go be active! Some of my best ideas come to me while on the treadmill. Plus, I also find that getting my heart rate up and blood pumping early on in the day keeps me active and more motivated throughout the rest of the day.

2. Read. Another no-brainer for me and from me to you. When your reality isn’t generating anything creative, escape into someone else’s world to get lost for a while. Psst – my first book roundup of the year is coming Wednesday!

3. Pick up a new hobby. Learning something new always brings a spark and sense of accomplishment, in my opinion. Remember in last month’s currents when I mentioned I wanted to take up crocheting? Well, my mom set me up with a starter kit for Christmas and I’m already almost finished with my first blanket. Boom!

4. Brainstorm on paper or better yet, talk to someone. A good ‘ol fashioned pen and paper brainstorming session is sometimes necessary this time of year, especially for those of us bloggers! It’s a great way to see what ideas you have floating around in your head and an easy way to generate new ideas by seeing your current ones on paper. Grab a friend, coworker or your blogging bestie to make it more fun. Sometimes it helps to have a second opinion or someone else to offer up suggestions.

5. Go shopping. Yep, I’m giving you permission to shop your heart out to kick-start that imagination. You don’t have to buy anything, but as we learned from Lorelai and Rory window shopping kind of sucks. Put those gift cards to work, and treat yourself to something new. As materialistic as this sounds, surrounding yourself with a few new purchases and things can help make you feel new and refreshed.

6. Plan your next getaway. When you’re living in the pit of hell aka winter, it helps to have something to look forward to. Plan something now not too far in the future, even if it’s a weekend getaway or stay-cation with local activities that you’ve always wanted to do!

7. Purge, clean and organize. Everyone’s favorite activity this time of year! Seriously, how do holiday decorations collect SO much dust in a short amount of time? Nothing better than getting everything put away and the house cleaned from floor-to-ceiling. Now’s also a great time to clean out the basement or purge your closet of items you didn’t wear throughout the last year. Donate or sell anything you don’t want, and get the rest of it organized. For me, a clean house means a clear mind. (Who am I? Buddha?)

8. Allow yourself a day of “nothing.” If you’re just not feeling it, then allow yourself that and indulge in an off day. We so often ignore what our bodies and/or minds are trying to tell us! Maybe you need some time off to regroup and get your shit together. That’s a-okay, trust me. You’ll be ready to work harder when you’re in the right mindset.

I’m fully okay to admit that my 2018 is off to a slow start – my guess is that it is for some of you, too. But, hopefully with these tips (and any other suggestions you might have!), together we can get back up and running!

What other tips do you have to spark creativity during the winter season?

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