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If My Dog Could Talk …

Since I spend nearly all day, every day with Finley by my side, I often find myself saying, “I just wish you could talk to me!” I mean, wouldn’t that be kind of amazing? The one-sided conversations would be no more (I swear I’m not crazy – just mildly obsessed with my dog), and I could finally hear what he’s thinking about or dying to tell me. Please tell me other dog owner’s feel this way?! I’m disappointed that there haven’t been any scientific advances to give dogs speaking voices, but thanks to an adorable personalized gift from I See Me! I have the next best thing – a book all about if my dog could talk!

If My Dog Could Talk personzlied book from I See Me!
It’s rare these days that I get an opportunity through the blog to review a product that I don’t even have to think twice about, but that’s exactly what happened here. I saw “dog” and “personalized book” in the email and immediately was replying about next steps. The personalized nature of this book makes it so fun and extra special. I chose the color and “breed” to semi closely resemble Finn, and I also was able to add our names and a couple of our own photos. It’s fun to see mine and Ryan’s names throughout the illustrations! For the record, I nearly cry every time I read the last page.

I See Me personalized dog lover's bookIf My Dog Could Talk personalized book
I’m aware that this is geared more toward children, but how can any dog lover pass this up?! It’s something that I will cherish forever and gladly share with my future human kid(s) to show him/her just how much we love our dog.

The gift set comes complete with a couple other gifts for your dog – a bandana and food/water dish mat, both personalized with your pup’s name. Look at Finn all dapper with his bandana. The dog loves to dress up and pose for pictures, what can I say.

personalized dog bandanaIf My Dog Could Talk gift set from I See Me!
To sweeten the deal, for the month of January I See Me! is giving customers 10% off their order PLUS donating 10% of the acquired total to the Wisconsin Humane Society! Near and dear to my heart because #adoptdontshop. The discount is good on all products, including the dog lover’s gift set. Simply use code WHS10 at checkout.

The holidays might be over, but with Valentine’s Day on the way, birthdays or just because, there’s really not a wrong time to gift this book to the dog-lover in your life. You even can personalize the book to past-tense if you or someone recently lost their furry loved one and want to remember them in a sweet way. No matter the reason, there’s always a cause for celebration when it comes to our pets and bonus that we can give back to those animals still looking for their forever home!

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Thank you to I See Me! for sending me the dog lover’s gift set in exchange for a review. As you should know by now, my dog basically is my child so obviously I love this product and all opinions are 100% my own. Please consider shopping around to help provide money to those pets still looking for their forever homes!