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Coffee Talk #6 | Currents & Slow Start to 2018

Long time no talk! Happy New Year! I hope that 2018 is off to a great start for all of you. Normally I’d share my monthly currents today (you can see last month’s post here), but I’m still slowly easing back into things and didn’t feel like creating a graphic. (#lazy) Instead, I’m combining currents and coffee talk to catch up a bit. Let’s go!

Coffee Talk #6
That’s one of maybe five pictures I’ve managed to take in the last couple weeks. I really made a point to disconnect during the holidays, and it was a ridiculously good feeling. That’s probably why I’m having such a difficult time getting back to this whole blog and social media thing – I haven’t posted to Instagram since Christmas. THE HORROR! (Not.)

To be totally honest, December was a tough month – it took a toll on me, my marriage and kind of just everything. While we enjoyed time with family for Christmas, overall this wasn’t a holiday season I care to remember. I’m happy to have all our Christmas decor packed away and the house back to normal. A good clean slate for the new year.

Have you seen The Greatest Showman yet?! YOU GUYS. THE MUSIC. OH MY GOD. That was our movie of choice for New Year’s Eve, and I’m so happy that we ended the year on such an upbeat, positive note. The music is some of the most inspiring that I’ve heard lately. This is Me might as well be my new life anthem. Ryan can’t stop listening to the music either, and considering he’s not usually one much for musicals that’s saying something.

How to Find Love in a Bookshop might be my new favorite book! I considered rereading it the second I finished the last page. I just love it oh so much and highly recommend if you need a feel-good story.

I’m still loving my short hair! Not sure I’ll ever go back to hair as long as I had before. Next appointment, though I think I might go for a more traditional lob/bob instead of having it longer in the front like it is now. This is kind of what I’m thinking.

We need a new binge-worthy show. Recommendations? I still have to jump on the Mrs. Maisel bandwagon. And, only a couple more weeks until season two of Victoria!

I’m planning to do a new beauty-related post soon, but the Bareminerals BarePro liquid foundation is a product I want to shout about from rooftops. SO GOOD. Full coverage with a natural look and weightless feel. I’ve worn nothing else lately.

That’s all I have for today! Hopefully I’ll be back up to normal speed next week. Until then, cheers to the short week and almost weekend!

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