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A Few Books to Start the Year

Nothing better than sitting down to chat about a few books to start the year! 2017 was a big year for me with reading – I ended the year with 65 books in my arsenal, which was 15 more than planned. I’m excited to keep the momentum going throughout 2018 and to share all my recommendations with you. I started a highlight reel on Instagram that I’ll update regularly so you can get real-time updates with what I’m reading and liking! Let’s jump into a few of my recent favorites.

A Few Books to Start the Year

Couldn’t Put ‘Em Down …

How to Find Love in a Bookshop by Veronica Henry How to Find Love in a Bookshop by Veronica Henry – 5 stars

This instantly became a new all-time favorite book. I wanted to start again the minute I read the last page. IT JUST MAKES MY HEART SO HAPPY! The first few chapters are a little slow and confusing as you try to piece together all the characters, but it all falls into place. I adored how one man who lead a relatively normal and insignificant life was able to affect an entire town and intertwine their lives/stories together. The town of Peasebrook might not be real, but I now more than ever want to travel to the small towns outside of London.

Once Upon a Royal Christmas by Robin BielmanOnce Upon a Royal Christmas by Robin Bielman – 4 stars

I downloaded this freebie because it looked like the title of a Hallmark Channel movie. And, it totally delivered the same way those horribly addicting movies do. #guilty Even though the holidays are over, this is still a good winter read – it’s not shoving Christmas down your throat or anything. The reason why Rowan doesn’t decorate her tree that leads to Theo doing what he does at the end to win her heart … excuse me while I go swoon. It’s an adorable feel-good story if you want something cheesy and cute.

Enjoyable Enough …

Wrapped Up in You by Stephanie RoweWrapped Up In You by Stephanie Rowe – 3 stars

Again, this was another Christmas-themed freebie. (I was desperate for anything to help me be more in the holiday spirit last month!) This is definitely borderline skip, but the epilogue got me. Otherwise, there really isn’t much character development and it’s one of those fast-moving, cutesy romances. But, if you’re holed up inside because of the cold this would pass the time just fine. And, like I said – the epilogue. It’s sweet.

Skip …

Catching Cassidy by Melissa Foster and More Than Once by Elizabeth Briggs. I gave these books three stars, so they aren’t total lost causes. Just not sure if they’re really worth your time. It depends what kind of mood you’re in!

Currently reading: All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood

What’s your reading goal for 2018? Any new books I should add to my list?

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