Coffee with Karly | New Hair & Slowing Down for the Holidays

Hey hey, Friday people! I can’t believe that we’re only one weekend away from Christmas. Gah! Craziness. Anyone else feel like it came in like a wrecking ball this year? I’m still not finished shopping, but oh well. Everything gets done one way or another (or not … ha!). Anyway, let’s keep chatting about all the things in this edition of coffee with Karly.

Coffee with Karly vol. 5

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I interrupt all of the world’s issues to bring you very important news. I CHOPPED SIX INCHES OFF MY HAIR LAST WEEK! Obviously, this is a big deal. πŸ˜‰ But, really – I still can’t get over how fresh and new I feel with this new look. I’m already scheming to go even a tad shorter next time! Change is a good thing, especially when heading into a new year.

When styling my hair, my hairstylist used Living Proof’s root lift spray and dry volume blast. While I might splurge on the dry volume blast, I’m looking for a less expensive alternative to the root lift spray. Anyone tried one from Paul Mitchell or Matrix? Both get good reviews, so maybe I’ll start there.

Who has finished season two of The Crown?! As I write this, we have one episode to go so we’ll probably be through with it when this goes live. I’d love to talk to anyone about this season! It’s been downright fascinating, in my opinion. Who knew all the ties the royal family had to Nazi Germany? And, Margaret was quite the scandal back in the day. Ah, it’s just so good!

If you’ve been feeling a little bah humbug this season, please know that you’re not alone. I loved Alissa’s post on this topic, as well as Biana’s tips to eliminate stress during the next few weeks.

Everybody needs this color block sweater from Target. It is THE softest, coziest sweater that I own, and I wish I could wear it daily. Okay, I might be guilty of that already … I wear a small for a perfect not-too-oversized look. If you need visual reference, check out my Instagram Stories highlights.

Are some of you fellow bloggers slowing down for the remainder of the year? I’ve had a hard time staying focused or even getting motivated to write posts the last few weeks when there’s presents to be wrapped or Hallmark Channel movies to watch. I’m thinking a blog break between Christmas and New Year’s might be in order to relax, reflect and reset. We wait all year for this season, and then it’s gone in the blink of an eye – it would be nice to eliminate some distractions to fully enjoy everything going on. What are your thoughts?

If you’re looking for a chill and different take on Christmas music, I recommend the Acoustic Christmas playlist on Amazon Prime.

Don’t forget to catch up on this week’s earlier blog posts! I shared some of my favorite holiday memories and traditions and a few end-of-the-year reads.

Have a warm and great weekend!

P.S. Do any of you want to see a little holiday home tour next week? I mentioned on Instagram earlier this week that I wasn’t thrilled with all our decor this year, but I’m still happy to share if you care. Let me know!

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  1. 12.19.17
    Christina Sotherden said:

    Love your hair! And would love to see the Christmas decorations!

  2. 12.18.17

    Your hair looks so beautiful! I love the new length! And I’d love to see a holiday home tour! I personally love to see how everybody has their homes decorated for the season! And don’t worry I just barely got all of my shopping done and Chris wrapped our first presents today!

  3. 12.18.17
    Jessica said:

    I’m LOVING the new hair!! Go even shorter I say πŸ™‚ Also, totes own that sweater too! Would love for you to stop by and check out the latest! xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  4. 12.18.17

    Your hair looks AMAZING girlie! And I’m on episode 8 of season two of The Crown, and I think my jaw is still dropped about the Nazi ties with the queen’s uncle. I had to pause it and look at the actual photos of him meeting with Hitler. Insanity! Good for her for banishing him <3

    Green Fashionista

    • 12.18.17

      Awe, thanks girlfriend! I appreciate that. We were the exact same way at the end of that episode of The Crown – we paused every picture to take a closer look. It was just so crazy!

  5. 12.18.17
    The Adored Life said:

    I cannot get over how GOOD YOUR HAIR LOOKS! I am so glad you went for it!
    The Adored Life

  6. 12.18.17

    Ohhh I love your hair!!! Looks so good on you!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  7. 12.18.17

    Your hair looks so pretty! The cut is perfect on you! And yes, I always take a blogging break at the end of the year to unwind/relax with family, plus recharge for the upcoming year. I think it’s good for everyone to slow down at the end of the year! πŸ™‚

    • 12.18.17

      Thanks so much, girl! And, I’m glad to hear that – I think it’s so important to take the extra time to enjoy the season and family/friends. It’s nice to recharge before the start of a new year, too!

  8. 12.17.17

    Girl, your hair looks PHENOMENAL!!!

  9. 12.15.17

    LOVE your new hair!! I need to know what color your stylist uses, bc I feel like mine never stays that blonde! I need to start watching the Crown, I’ve heard it’s really good! And I would love to see a holiday home tour!

    • 12.17.17

      Thanks, girlfriend! I’m almost positive that my stylist uses the brand Aloxxi for my hair color – I probably could get the formula from her if you want! The Crown is so awesome, I hope that you watch it!

  10. 12.15.17

    I am loving your hair. It looks so good.

  11. 12.15.17
    Caroline said:

    Your hair looks AMAZING! I absolutely love it. That I love this time of year and this year I have really made the effort to enjoy every moment of it. I have also been enjoying being under a blanket on the couch watching a Christmas show or movie. With wine. πŸ™‚ Have a glorious weekend friend!!

  12. 12.15.17
    Debra Stachelski said:

    First of all, I love your hair and can’t wait to see it in person! I’m happy for you that you made the change and are happy with it! I read Alissa’s and Bianna’s posts and all I can say is I. Can. Relate. I think you should take the time between Christmas and New Year’s to enjoy the season. I’m dying to watch The Crown, now if I can just stay awake, haha!

  13. 12.15.17

    Your hair looks great!

  14. 12.15.17
    Pamela said:

    Can I just tell you that I am SO obsessed with your hair?! It looks so good on you and I absolutely love that color! I still haven’t finished The Crown but I’m getting there! Hoping to finish this weekend if I can manage to get some downtime!

    • 12.17.17

      Awe, thanks sweet girl! I’m so glad that I decided to go for it. Like I said, I think I might even go a tad shorter next time – I’m hooked. πŸ™‚ Hope you were able to relax and watch The Crown this weekend!

  15. 12.15.17
    Biana Perez said:

    Your hair looks AMAZING!! Absolutely love the cut on you!! We watched one episode of the new season of the crown, but I hope to make a big dent this weekend! Hope you have a great one girl! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston