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Weekending | A Few Snaps from Thanksgiving

I hope that everybody had a great holiday weekend! I’m still kind of tapped out over here a.k.a. the creative flow has left my body. I think I’m still in recovery mode! Hosting Thanksgiving two years in a row is no joke. I wouldn’t have it any other way, though! 🙂 Let’s kick off the week with a good ‘ol weekending post with a few snaps from Thanksgiving.

My holiday weekend began last Wednesday when my parents arrived. They came a day early so my mom could help me prepare and cook most of the side dishes for Thursday. We finished practically everything, which made the next day a heck of a lot easier.

Thursday was the big day! Even though I had cooked for and hosted Thanksgiving twice before, this was the first time that I did it for my side of the family. So, I felt both prepared and nervous at the same time. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone! Luckily, that wasn’t the case and it was the perfect family day.

Farmhouse-Inspired Thanksgiving Table 2017

Check out last week’s post for details about this year’s Thanksgiving table. It was my favorite!

Since I don’t mention my family a whole lot on here, here’s a little refresher. I’m the youngest of three, the oldest being my sister Kristy and then my brother Gary. My mom and dad also were here (duh), as well as my sister’s boyfriend, Matt.

A Few Snaps from Thanksgiving karly & garyA Few Snaps from Thanksgiving ryan & momA Few Snaps from Thanksgiving kristy & matt
I was happy to also snag a couple pictures of Ryan and I – and Finn, of course – since I never was able to in past years of hosting. Ignore the the random way I decided to style my hair for the day … one more week until my hair appointment!

A Few Snaps from Thanksgiving ryan & karlyA Few Snaps from ThanksgivingA Few Snaps from Thanksgiving anderson family photo
We talked, we laughed, WE ATE. It was everything that Thanksgiving Day is supposed to be! I’m rarely able to have my whole family at our house, so it meant a lot to both me and Ryan and it’s a day that I’ll cherish.

It’s clear to see that Finn had the most taxing day out of anyone. Being a doggy host is hard work, ha!

A Few Snaps from Thanksgiving finley
Since Ryan had to head right back to work the following day, I spent the rest of the weekend catching up, online shopping, and getting started on Christmas decorating. I’m nowhere near finished, but I hope to be by the end of the week in time for December 1st! Our Christmas cards also are addressed and all ready to send out – any bloggers want to exchange cards this year? Hit me up!

That’s all from me today! We finished a fun house project before the holiday that I’m excited to share (hint: it involves SHIPLAP!), so watch for that coming Wednesday!

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Did you travel? Stay home? Score any good shopping deals?

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