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A Renewed Perspective on Blogging

In the nearly four years that I’ve been at this blogging thing, this little online world has changed and evolved. DRASTICALLY. Especially recently with the shift toward everything Instagram. I can’t help but look at my social accounts and examine my blog content while thinking, “am I good enough to do this anymore?” or “maybe I just don’t fit into this community.” Most days I feel like the anti-blogger! I use affiliate links, but I’ve never been accepted into rewardStyle; my photography skills are mediocre; and my social following is pretty minimal. Not acing any of those three points has made me question on more than one occasion lately if I should just clean my hands of all of it. But, thanks to the kindness of a stranger I have a renewed perspective on blogging.

A Renewed Perspective on Blogging
Late last week, an email popped up in my inbox with the subject line, “Thank you!” I didn’t recognize the sender name, so I fully admit that my gut reaction was that the email was spam. However, the email was from Kate, who’s an Etsy shop owner and reader of my blog. She simply wanted to thank me for recommendations that I’ve provided on jeans and some beauty items and to reach out to say that she enjoys following along on here and my Instagram. Isn’t that just so nice?

Of course I immediately replied to say thanks and to let her know how thrilled I was that something that I recommended was making a difference to her. In the course of my reply, I mentioned how nice it was to receive such a message as I’m a smaller blogger and have been feeling a little down in the dumps with it as of late. You know what Kate’s response was? She said how she initially was hesitant to reach out to me because she saw me as one of the bigger bloggers, so it’s all about perspective. CUE THE LIGHT BULB MOMENT.

Now there’s the golden reminder about why I got into blogging in the first place! Sharing what I love with others. It’s not about numbers or social shares or followers. It’s about being passionate about something or a myriad of somethings that you want to share! I mean, really – who cares if it’s not well-received by today’s blogging standards? I consider it a win that anyone at all reads what I write, and even better if one of my silly recommendations makes a difference to someone. Alissa said it best when she said, “don’t blog for anyone but yourself,” and I think that both applies and supports the whole point of this post.

Moving forward, I’m going to do my best to carry a renewed perspective of blogging with me. What I consider myself to be might not be what someone else perceives. It truly is all about perspective, and I’m thankful to Kate to opening my eyes to that! No voice is too small or too big, just like there’s room for all of us to have an opinion and to openly share whatever we feel like. I’ll keep doing me, and you keep on doing you!

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