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50 Books in the Bag (and Still Going!)

I did it! My 2017 reading challenge is officially complete! 50 books in the bag! *cue the self-indulgent cheering section* Obviously, I’m pretty proud of myself and consider this an accomplishment. Now I’m anxious to see what my final number of books read by the end of the year will be! But, in the meantime let’s get onto this month’s reviews.

50 Books in the Bag (and Still Going!)


The Royal Treatment by Melanie SummersThe Royal Wedding by Melanie SummersThe Royal Treatment and The Royal Wedding: Crown Jewels Romantic Comedy Books 1 and 2 by Melanie Summers – 5 stars

I LOVE THESE BOOKS SO MUCH! Think Bridget Jones meets The Prince and Me meets The Royals meets The Princess Diaries. That’s a lot of “meeting of,” but you get the picture. Tessa also is a blogger in the first book, so I enjoyed being able to relate to that part and some of the funny stuff that goes along with it. Of course, these books are far from perfect, but I could set aside the flaws because of how much I enjoyed the stories. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed such fun and cute reads. The second book is more like 4 stars, but I figured it was easier to just rate and review them together.

Just One Year by Gayle FormanJust One Night by Gayle FormanJust One Year and Just One Night by Gayle Forman – 5 stars

I reviewed the first book of this series last month, so I was happy that the library came through for me pretty quick with both of these. The second book surpassed all my expectations with flying colors. One Year chronicles Willem’s side of the story and point of view of everything since that fateful day with Allyson. His journey of feeling lost only to finally reconnect with his family and find home again was so well written. I was yelling at the book a few times because of how many times Allyson and Willem crossed paths without knowing it! One Night basically is a 50-page epilogue. I don’t know why Forman chose to have all the other characters share their point of view when we so clearly only cared about Willem and Allyson. But, it was a decent way to wrap up the series.

Hello, Sunshine by Laura DaveHello, Sunshine by Laura Dave – 4 stars

This was way different than what I expected, but I still enjoyed it. The overall theme from Eight Hundred Grapes (one of my favorite books) was still there – a woman trying to rediscover her true self. There is no doubt that Sunshine was/isn’t the best person around, but I recognized why it was easy for her to get caught up in the lies that she agreed to tell from day-to-day. (Probably something we all should take a step back and evaluate when it comes to social media!) The end wrapped up quickly and a little too nicely – albeit far from perfect – so I wish there would’ve been more there. Or, an epilogue to know how Sunshine is doing now in her “new” life.


A Dark Lure by Loreth Anne WhiteA Dark Lure by Loreth Anne White – 4 stars (Amazon Prime Library)

I had this book figured out pretty quick, but nonetheless it held my interest until the end. It’s pretty suspenseful and will keep you guessing at some parts. There could’ve been more background about Sarah/Olivia, and I think the romance part could’ve been more developed. It all seemed kind of forced. The ending also was a little abrupt and too perfect given what everyone just went through … but I’ll quit dissecting the book now before it drops down to three stars. 😉


Anything But Love by Abigail StromAnything But Love by Abigail Strom – 4 stars (Amazon Prime Library)

This was a cute, light and easy read! Obviously, there was minimal character development and the little that there was I was left wanting more. BUT, if you’re in the mood for a quick romance/chick-lit read then this will make you happy. Ben and Jessica are pretty cute together.




None this month!

Currently reading: Big Little Lies by Lianne Moriarty (I know, a little late to the game with this one!)

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