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Seasonal Hair Color Change: Platinum to Lived-In Blonde

It’s not a big secret that I have a tendency to get bored with my hair. I also seem to always gravitate toward a change this time of year as evidenced here and here. Well, this week is no different! I’m headed for a long overdue appointment Friday, and I CAN’T WAIT. So, I’m sharing a little inspiration for my seasonal hair color change.

Seasonal Hair Color Change: Platinum to Lived-In Blonde
Here’s the thing. I was contemplating chopping all my hair off again. I swear it’s like a form of self-torture that I put myself through. Grow my hair long, cut it short, and then be miserable while it grows back out. You’d think I would learn a lesson … 😉 Anyway, I’m ignoring my inner-hair demon this time around and keeping my hair long. I’ve worked too hard to get my hair to the current length, and I enjoy having the option to style it a variety of ways.

That doesn’t mean I’m not still bored with it, though. I know, I know. Never satisfied!

That’s where a seasonal hair color change comes into play. My hair went through the ringer this May. After a botched dye job the beginning of May, I had it fixed only two weeks later and then again six weeks after that. In other words, my hair is looking a tad over-processed with no dimension or depth. I’m over it! I would love once and for all to master the lived-in blonde look. I’m convinced this is the perfect hair color for me! It appears to be low-maintenance (goodbye, root line!), looks good straight or curled, and it looks way more natural. Plus, this hair color is great for those of us blondes that want to go a little darker for fall without losing the blonde completely.

I’m literally counting down the hours until Friday! I decided to head back to my favorite hairstylist, who’s about a half hour away, to help me make my hair dreams come true. I’ll be sure to share the results over on Instagram!

Do you like to switch up your hair color for the seasons?

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