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Coffee with Karly | Countdown to Vacation, Books & Blog Advice

Hey, hey! Happy Friday. Since I sometimes like to share roundup posts on Friday’s around here, I thought I might as well give ’em a series name! So, welcome to Coffee with Karly. Has a nice ring, don’t you think? Get ready for all the randomness – thoughts, favorite links from the week and so on.

Coffee with Karly
We’re in full countdown-to-vacation mode around here. One week to go! You may recall that we’re headed down to Fort Myers Beach, Florida. There was a hot minute there where we started to plan Trip B due to Hurricane Irma, but luckily the area incurred minimal damage. I really just can’t wait to plop my bum on a beach chair and soak up some rays.

Thanks to Jess, I picked up the most adorable $20 Amazon purse to carry around at the beach. The quality is like really good. I can’t get over it’s cuteness.

I officially completed my 2017 reading challenge! 50 books in the bag. That doesn’t mean that I’m done reading for the year, but I’m pretty stoked that I hit my goal already. There will be the usual book review post in a couple weeks, but I ended the challenge with The Royal Treatment and The Royal Wedding by Melanie Summers. So, so cute. Think Bridget Jones meets The Prince and Me (you know, that awful Julia Stiles movie that you have to watch anytime it’s on T.V.).

There’s like a million and one shows premiering today on Netflix. I’m pretty stoked for the Lady Gaga documentary and of course, new episodes of Fuller House.

I saw this article from The Every Girl floating around a while back, but I don’t think I ever shared it. It’s a great reminder that life happens while you’re busy making plans. I’m trying to be better about this.

Advice is greatly needed from all you wonderful blogging ladies/social media connoisseurs. When do you know that it’s time to break up with your brand? I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming and soul-searching lately, leading me to contemplate a MAJOR change around here. However, change is scary and I’m worried about the potential negative outcomes. The pros at this point still outweigh the cons, but still. I would love any expertise in this department or just someone to talk it through with. At the very least, I’m moving to a new host and getting a new theme since certain areas of mine have either stopped working or caused compatibility issues with other things. The WordPress headache, albeit worth it, is never-ending.

And of course, a post like this wouldn’t be complete without a little shameless promotion right? Earlier in the week, I shared a comfortable t-shirt bra option for those of us on a budget and some neutral farmhouse-style fall decor for less.

That’s it for coffee with Karly … ‘er, me today. 😉

Have a great weekend!