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Found! An Affordable and Comfortable Full-Coverage T-Shirt Bra

I wear a lot of t-shirts. Seriously, have you seen my Instagram? I might as well sleep in jeans and a tee to save myself time getting dressed in the morning. Once I realized that I pretty much wear some form of tee every single day, it was time to upgrade my bra drawer! Bras … not something I ever thought I would discuss here. But, stay with me. The right bra makes the look and fit of a simple t-shirt a million times better, so I set out to find an affordable and comfortable full-coverage t-shirt bra. And, guess what? I FOUND IT.

An Affordable and Comfortable Full-Coverage T-Shirt Bra
In my best Ron Burgundy voice, “everybody! come see how good I look in my t-shirt!” I hope someone else appreciates my lame humor because I’m sitting here cracking myself up.

I’ve worn Warner’s brand bras for quite a few years now. Not the most glamorous or stylish, but I value comfort and function above all else when it comes to undergarments. It wasn’t until recently that I tried their This is Not a Bra Full-Coverage T-Shirt Bra. Life changing, let me tell you.

First of all, that full-coverage claim? 100% true. That’s my favorite feature of this bra. Other t-shirt bras that I had tried in the past usually were cut too narrow and/or didn’t cover enough. That lead to unnecessary bra spillage and generally just made my chest area look unattractive. Me and my boobs aren’t here for that, and I’m pretty you/yours aren’t either. The Warner’s t-shirt bra is a seriously flattering cut that is great for all shapes and sizes. The cups even extend far enough to minimize (although, not totally eliminate) underarm bulge.

Another added bonus? This bra has a padded underwire. *cue the singing angels* I typically wear wire-free bras because I can’t stand the feeling of something digging into my chest all day long. Not this gem, though! Nothing but all-day comfort.

So, if you too live in t-shirts and have been looking for an affordable and comfortable full-coverage t-shirt bra I urge you to give this one a try! Still not sure about the underwire? The Smooth Effects Wire-Free Bra is a good (and comfy!) alternative.

Do you have a favorite brand of t-shirt bra? I’d love to try out some others!

Oh, and p.s. – affiliate links are used in this post, so I might earn a dime if you click through. However, this post is absolutely not sponsored. I just really love this bra. But, hey – if Warner’s or Kohl’s sees this post, hit me up. 😉

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