Where We Are At With House Projects and Renovations

Home-related posts have been far and few between around here because well, we recently haven’t done much! Working practically nonstop on renovating a house for two and a half years is no joke. And, since we lost most of last summer to the kitchen renovation, Ryan and I needed a breather. At the beginning of the year, I shared five projects that we hope to accomplish by the end of 2017. We’ve now had some time to regroup and get re-inspired, so I thought today was good as any to share where we are at with house projects and renovations.

Where We're At With House Projects and Renovations
| Master bedroom and closet – partially done. Our master bedroom is the last big project that we tackled so far this year. Sure, I still have a little bit of decorating to do in there, but it’s primarily finished. I still love it many months later. I think our closet is going to get pushed until next year. Who knew closet organizers were so damn expensive?

| Paint the upstairs and install new carpet – in progress! We decided last weekend that painting the stairwell and upstairs hallway is next on the honey-do list. This also includes replacing the last of the boob lights – already purchased new ones from Lowe’s! -, replacing all the baseboard and installing crown molding, and painting the rest of the doors white. At last, everything will look cohesive! I can’t wait. The walls will be Sherwin Williams Zurich White (you can see all our house paint colors in this post). New carpet probably is on hold because it’s just not a top priority. The current carpet is old and worn out, but it serves it’s purpose for now.

| Laundry room – still on schedule. It’s still the plan to finish this room out by the end of the year. Our motivation to get it finished is the fact that it’s the only room left on the first floor that isn’t updated. So, when the laundry room is finished that means the ENTIRE first level of our home is finished. *cue the gospel choir* I’ll share an inspiration board for the space when we get started!

| Master bathroom renovation – most likely on hold. I originally said that this probably wasn’t feasible by the end of the year, and that’s the way it’s looking. Frankly, I chose our beach vacation in October over another major renovation. That’s a-okay! We have a working bathroom even if I’m not entirely happy with the functionality or aesthetics. We might slowly start to update some of the finishings, such as new light fixtures, mirrors, new toilet, etc., so then we don’t have to do all that when we are ready for the full renovation. We’re also looking to do the same in the guest bathroom since that doesn’t need a full-on renovation – just cosmetic updates that we hope to do on a relatively small budget.

| New deck and backyard landscaping – not done in lieu of more front yard landscaping! We opted to continue to spruce up the front of our house this summer. Ryan built me some flower window boxes, and we installed the cutest little white picket fence behind my limelight hydrangea shrub for some farmhouse charm. Ryan is working to landscape one side of the house, and we also are getting a tree and a few stumps out in a couple weeks. So, even though we didn’t tackle the backyard like originally planned, I still consider this project a success since everybody sees the front so I want it to have great curb appeal. Plus, we discovered that our deck boards are in great shape so all Ryan has to do is power wash it and install a railing. Hopefully an easy project for next year!

And, that’s where we are at with house projects and renovations. I’m not going to lie – as much as we enjoy working on our 90’s fixer-upper it has been SO nice to take a break. What fun are all these renovations if we don’t take the time to enjoy our home when we’re finished, right?

Are there any home-specific content you’d like to see in upcoming posts? Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email!

P.S., you also probably would like paint colors in our modern-style farmhouse.

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  1. 8.30.17

    A beach holiday in October for sure!! Especially if you guys have been renovating all year long! Enjoy the beach – where you guys off to?

  2. 8.28.17
    Brittany Steinkamp said:

    A breather is MUCH needed, I get it! We had high hopes to keep moving after we reno’d our kitchen and bathroom, but once everything was cleaned up, we cringed at starting the bedrooms and making a huge mess again. We’re currently enjoying our space, also choosing a vacation, and waiting until January to start again! Can’t wait to see more progress on your end!

    • 9.4.17

      I love that that’s what you chose to do! I don’t think people fully appreciate how hard house projects/renovations are until they’ve gone through it or are living through it. It’s so much work, not to mention messy! Hope you’re off to vacation somewhere nice and fun. 🙂

  3. 8.24.17

    I know you’ve included it in some of the room reveals, but I’d love a round up of the items you feel make the most difference in your farmhouse decor! So many pieces I love and want to recreate in my home! I think it’s pretty awesome what y’all have already accomplished this year!

    • 8.26.17

      That’s a great post idea! Do you mean what pieces I use to give each room that cohesive, modern farmhouse feel or something else? You can email me what you’re thinking. 🙂

  4. 8.22.17

    i totally understand needing a breather. we haven’t done anywhere near as much as you guys, but we did a lot right before we moved in and i didn’t have any motivation for a couple of months. we were planning on doing the bathrooms the same time as the kitchen, thankfully reason kicked in (also, $$$) and we decided not to, and i am SO glad. going through the kitchen reno is hard enough, i can’t imagine doing the bathrooms at the same time. like you said, our bathrooms are both functional even if i really don’t like the set up or look. one day! honestly, if we have a kid soon, we can’t do it before and we likely won’t do it after because of $$. so we’ll see. at least i’ll have my kitchen 😉

    • 8.26.17

      The kitchen is such a biggie, I totally understand and relate where you’re coming from! I think you made a good decision not to tackle the bathrooms at the same time because it would just be stressful, expensive and overwhelming. How’s the kitchen coming? I can’t wait to see it when it’s all finished!

      • 8.28.17

        thanks friend! we are mostly done right now, just waiting on the plumber/electrician/hvac guys all to come back and do their thing, and then we will do baseboards and stuff like that. but all the cabinets are in, the counters are on, i’ve been able to put everything away which was so exciting. it’s just not technically functional right now, no sink or dishwasher. can’t wait!

  5. 8.17.17

    Looks like you have a lot going on! Good luck! I’m sure it will look amazing 🙂

  6. 8.17.17

    Sounds like you all have a great plan for the rest of the year, and I cannot blame you for opting for vacation over another project.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • 8.19.17

      We gave up so much last year because of our kitchen renovation that I didn’t want to miss another vacation opportunity. That time is too precious!

  7. 8.17.17

    Your home reno is so inspiring, lady! You make me want to tackle some things around my house I want to switch up!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. 8.16.17
    Katie Elizabeth said:

    We always take a break from the house stuff in summer – it’s so busy and you truly just do need a break! Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store though!

    • 8.19.17

      Thanks, lady! Plus, during the summer we’d rather tackle outside projects since we have such a limited time to do that in the good ‘ol Midwest. 😉

  9. 8.16.17

    All your renovations sound lovely – I love your whole aesthetic, Karly. 🙂
    Cohesiveness is a huge must for me (in my wardrobe, my decor…life, haha), so I know that will be a good feeling for you when everything flows well together. Can’t wait to see the finished results!

    • 8.19.17

      Thanks, Bria! I’m such a stickler for cohesion – it cracks me up right now that the first level of our house seems like a different (and better, ha!) world than our second level. Crazy what some paint can do!

  10. 8.16.17
    Kay R. said:

    Cant wait to see the projects. Your projects are always so good

  11. 8.16.17

    Looking forward to the laundry room reveal! I have been wanting to add some countertops and jazz it up with a fun paint color for what seems like forever! And I will co-sign the ridiculous cost of closet organizers. Who knew! <3

    Green Fashionista

    • 8.19.17

      I hope you’re able to tackle that laundry room of yours eventually! I’m definitely angling for a counter top in ours. Aren’t closet organizers just ridiculous? Sheesh!

  12. 8.16.17
    Debra Stachelski said:

    The thing with home projects is that it’s never ending! I always look forward to seeing what you’re doing next, everything you guys have done has turned out just beautiful. Hopefully you’ll feel re-charged after taking a break and enjoying your upcoming vacation!

    • 8.19.17

      You’re right, house projects definitely are never-ending! Hopefully we can get back at it this fall to finish some things out.

  13. 8.16.17
    Christina Sotherden said:

    I seriously love following along with all your home projects – you guys are quite the time and have the best taste – I can’t wait to see all the “afters”!

    • 8.19.17

      Aw, thank you so much! That is such a compliment – we do work pretty well together. I’m lucky that Ryan doesn’t really question or go against my design visions. 😉

  14. 8.16.17
    Biana Perez said:

    I can’t wait to see how your laundry room turns out!! We’ve been doing little upgrades in fixtures to our house – well I say we, but it’s really been G lol! It’s been fun picking things out! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

    • 8.19.17

      Haha, I know how that goes! I always joke with Ryan that he does all the grunt work, and I just get to come in and make things look pretty. Love all the little upgrades you guys have done to your place!