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July Books Hits and Misses

Hooray for book day! I’m never quite sure how to write an intro to these posts, so let’s just jump right into July books hits and misses.

July Books Hits and Misses


Into the Water by Paula HawkinsInto the Water by Paula Hawkins – 4 stars

I was a little unsure going into this book so I heard/read so many mixed reviews. But, I actually really enjoyed it! It was mysterious and suspenseful. I was left guessing until the very end. I do understand other people’s criticisms of too many characters, though. It took me until I was a quarter of the way through to finally get everybody straight and know what was going on. The ending also was a little abrupt/lackluster. It definitely wasn’t Girl on the Train, but I think it’s worth a read.


Secrets of the Tulip Sisters by Susan MallerySecrets of the Tulip Sisters by Susan Mallery – 3 stars

This was an impulse Target purchase. It was on sale, I liked the cover, AND it was signed by the author. Unfortunately, this was one of those beach reads that was kind of bad but I couldn’t put it down. So, it made it good. You know what I mean? There was so much conflict going on with all the characters on every single page that it got a little repetitive and boring pretty fast. Nonetheless, it was a quick read and I did like the location and that Kelley was a tulip farmer. Doesn’t that sound fun and interesting? I think so.


The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina GeorgeThe Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George – 3 stars

It’s possible that I just wasn’t in the mood for this book when I got it from the library because it’s actually a really good/cute story. I kind of struggled through it, though because I kept falling asleep and then lost track of what was going on. Any book lover would enjoy this – there are so many literary references – and I loved the concept of a bookstore on a boat. It just seems like something you would find in Europe.


Fates and Furies by Lauren GroffFates and Furies by Lauren Groff – 3 stars

This was an interesting read that both upset and infuriated me. How can two people in what’s supposedly a committed relationship/marriage have so many secrets from each other and recall events so differently? I guess that’s the reality for some, though. I found the first half pretty boring – Mathilde’s perspective and side of things was way more interesting of a read.




Currently reading: The Fall Up by Aly Martinez; The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid; and The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda.

What books are you hoping to finish before the end of summer?

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