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4 Tips For Selling Used Clothes and Accessories

One of my great joys in life is purging my closet and dresser drawers. No, seriously – it makes me damn near giddy! I absolutely hate clutter or unused stuff taking up space. However, perhaps a little selfishly I don’t like to just give away everything. I keep my clothes, bags, jewelry, etc., in great shape, so why not try to get a few dollars back to use toward something I really do want? I’ve been selling to cash-back consignment stores since high school, and I’ve also had decent luck on Poshmark. And, I attribute that to my 4 tips for selling used clothes and accessories.

4 Tips For Selling Used Clothes and Accessories

Consider current trends and styles.

Unlike traditional thrift shops, consignment stores (or places that you sell to online) typically are looking for current styles or trends. At least within the last two to three years. So, if you have a top from Forever 21 in decent shape but it’s 10 years old, you’re probably not going to have much luck with a sale. You can have a little leeway on this in the accessories department since jewelry and handbags don’t change in fashion/trends as often.

Think seasonally.

Don’t try to sell sweaters in July, and don’t try to get rid of bathing suits in December – make sense? Whether you’re selling on Poshmark or to a consignment shop, shoppers are looking for what’s in-season or soon to be in-season. There are exceptions to everything, though so there can be some crossover between seasons. For example, I sometimes try to sell sweaters/cardigans in August around back-to-school time.

Make sure clothes are freshly laundered.

This seems like a duh statement, but it’s still worth mentioning. Nobody – I repeat, NOBODY – wants to buy clothes that look or smell used. A quick wash will do the trick. Especially if you keep seasonal clothes or clothes that you don’t wear a lot packed away in storage bins, they can smell a bit musty. At the very least, give everything a Febreeze bath!

Bring everything in a plastic bin or laundry basket – not a garbage bag!

Just like most things, presentation is everything. I used to bring clothes to the consignment shop in a large shopping bag, which was fine, but not the best option. Now, I have a plastic storage bin set aside solely for clothes and accessories that I want to sell. It’s easier to fold clothes and keep everything nicely organized, and you can fit way more in a container opposed to a shopping bag(s)! Plus, a container with a lid helps keep dust off items so everything stays looking (and smelling!) fresh.

Well, definitely not rocket science, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t follow these 4 tips for selling used clothes and accessories! I swear that as simple as these tips are that they make a world of difference to whoever you’re selling to.

Are you a fan of selling your clothes/accessories to consignment shops? What about online?

Local friends! If you’re in or near Fond du Lac, I often sell items at Autumn’s Closet. She is one of the nicest people and always is looking for the latest and greatest. The store also offers a community closet for those in-need. Be sure to keep her in mind next time you’re looking to sell or donate some things!