Top 5 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks for Less Than $50

Tired of seeing Nordstrom Anniversary Sale-related blog posts?! I know, I know. I’m right there with ya. I know this sale is a huge deal and all, but I also think that everyone needs to calm down. It is just shopping that we’re talking about! But alas, here I am jumping on the bandwagon to talk about a few of my favorite purchases. All of you know by now that I shop on a pretty strict budget, so you won’t find any designer deals or duds in this post. Here are my top 5 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks for less than $50.

Top 5 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks for Less Than $50
| BP. LIGHTWEIGHT RIB STITCH CARDIGAN. (Size: S. Colors: Black, Green Hunter & Beige Oatmeal). This cardigan is a no-brainer. I have it in grey from the sale last year, and I wear it with practically everything. This style looks slightly different from last year, but it’s close enough. I actually hope it’s not as thick/chunky as the older style.

| LUSH SIDE SLIT TANK. (Size: S. Colors: Black & Dusty Rose). I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about this tank. It looks like a great layering piece. I’m never sure about Lush sizing, but I went with a small since I don’t want layering tanks too baggy.

| BP. COLD SHOULDER TUNIC SWEATER. (Size: S. Color: Grey). Doesn’t this look so cozy? Depending on how it turns out in person, I already can imagine wearing this on all those cold days that inevitably are in our future.

| CASLON BACK ZIP PULLOVER. (Size: S. Color: Beige). Love at first sight! I’m probably most excited for this sweater. It’s classic, but the exposed zipper in the back keeps it interesting.

| LUSH RAW EDGE SIDE SLIT TEE. I haven’t actually purchased this (yet), but everyone else seems to be! This looks like a way better version than the Lush tee in last year’s sale. It comes in a ton of colors, and you can’t beat $16 for a quality tee. How do these fit? Large? Small? I’d love to know!

Let’s also give honorable mentions to the Lush High Neck Knit Midi Dress (love this in navy); Leith Ballet Crop Wide Leg Ponte Jumpsuit; and Topshop Patchwork Marled Cardigan (only a few bucks more than $50).

There you go, shoppers – my top 5 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks for less than $50. I’m not sure that I’ll do a follow-up post once all my goodies arrive. Let’s face it – everyone is going to do try-on hauls – so maybe I’ll do something over on Instagram stories. Make sure to give me a follow if you’re curious to see the quality and fit of any of these items!

What have you picked up so far from the NSale? Any wish list items?

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  1. 7.21.17

    oooh that side slit tank is SO cute! of course it’s sold out. understandable. probably for the best anyhow.

    • 7.21.17

      Hopefully they’ll get more back in stock! I think they’re going to make for great layering pieces with cardigans, etc.

  2. 7.14.17

    I have to admit that just by glancing through I didn’t see anything that popped out at me for the sale, but I love that BP Cardigan that you have selected! I love long cardigans like that, they’re always so comfy!

    • 7.17.17

      I thought the sale was better last year, but it definitely didn’t stop me from shopping! I’m anxiously awaiting all my boxes!

  3. 7.14.17
    Katie Elizabeth said:

    I’m super excited about the Lush tee and how did I miss the side slit tanks earlier?! Off to check those out!

  4. 7.14.17

    Loving the cardigan and all of the color choices it comes in! You should definitely do a try-on haul if you end up liking what you get, I feel like those are the most helpful posts because you can actually see how things look.

  5. 7.14.17
    Debra Stachelski said:

    I like everything you’ve picked out, guess I’ll have to take a look myself!

  6. 7.14.17
    Kay R. said:

    So many great picks. I havent shopped yet but these posts are getting me excited

  7. 7.14.17
    Mes Voyages ร  Paris said:

    Such a great selection!! Thanks for sharing dear!
    Mรณnica Sors

  8. 7.14.17
    Biana Perez said:

    I’m definitely happy that nordstrom carries BP – such a great brand and a great price point! I haven’t shopped the sale yet…but I will when it opens to everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ xo, Biana –BlovedBoston