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Paint Colors in Our Modern-Style Farmhouse

It seems like several people that I know or talk to are getting ready to or are in the midst of sprucing up their home. I’ve had quite a few inquiries about the paint colors in our modern-style farmhouse. Ask and you shall receive!

Paint Colors in Our Modern-Style Farmhouse
If there’s anybody that believes in the power of a coat of paint to transform a room or house, it’s me. When we first moved into our home, there wasn’t any color on the walls. Zero. Nada. Zip. Our house has textured walls, so stark white walls really accented that. On top of that, everything – including the ceiling – had a semi-gloss sheen to it, so it literally was like living in a sterile doctor’s office. Not what I envisioned for the place I was going to call home, to say the least.

Fast forward almost three years later – sure, all of our house projects have transformed the house, but I attribute most of the quick, dramatic changes to paint! I know that a lot of people struggle with paint colors, but luckily I had a clear vision for what I wanted so it wasn’t too big of a deal. Greys and neutrals are the name of the game in this house with bright white accents and pops of black where appropriate.

Sherwin Williams Modern-Style Farmhouse Paint Colors
We absolutely love and swear by Sherwin Williams paint. It’s not any more expensive than what you would find at a big box home improvement store. There’s almost always a 30-40% sale going on, so that’s when we stock up. It’s also available at Lowe’s if that’s more convenient for you!

If I could use one paint color for the rest of my life, it probably would be Zurich White. It’s so subtle, but goes with everything. This color is in all our hallways, bathrooms, laundry room and kitchen. Alpaca (which I found watching an episode of Fixer Upper!) is in our family room, sitting room and dining room. Popular Gray is in all the bedrooms, and Tricorn Black is on our front door. The bright white that we use for trim, interior doors and various other projects is simply the purest white that you can find in any paint line.

Are you wondering how I got away with only three paint colors for the walls? I’m a stickler for cohesion. One of my biggest insecurities with our house and decorating is that people won’t think everything goes together when they walk in the door and throughout the rooms. But, cohesion definitely starts with paint! Sticking with only three paint colors keeps things simple and creates a good flow throughout the house.

I hope that by sharing the paint colors in our modern-style farmhouse that you’re able to get ideas for your own home! If you’re still stuck or looking for inspiration, check out my paint swatches board on Pinterest.

Are you working on any painting projects in your house? Do you have a favorite paint color?