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My First 5k Experience

Well, I did it! My first 5k experience was Saturday night, and not only did I accomplish my goal time but it was a ton of fun.

My First 5k Experience
In case you’re new around here, I’ve opened up recently about struggles with negative body image and how training for a 5k has helped to eliminate those unwanted feelings. I honestly can’t believe that nearly 12 weeks ago that I had zero interest/ability in running. Now, I can’t imagine my days without it! Running has been both a physical and sanity godsend for me.

Running a 5k has been on my bucket list for a couple years now. I’m both thrilled and proud that I finally can check it off! It was such a fun and rewarding experience. If you caught any of my Instagram stories Saturday night, you saw that it was a nighttime glow run. I think for my first race this was a fun element to keep things from being too serious. Although, I fully admit that I was nervous! Luckily, Ryan decided last-minute to run the race with me so I was happy to have the moral support and encouragement.

My goal was to not stop and finish in 30 minutes or roughly 10 minutes per mile. I didn’t stop once and came in right at 32 minutes, so I consider my goal met! My time probably would’ve been a little faster if I didn’t have to dodge around strollers and large groups of walkers/children. It also wasn’t the most organized race, so we ended up running an extra half lap before figuring out where the nonexistent finish line was. Not a big deal, but hopefully they’ll improve on that for next year.  I will say that going from a treadmill to running outside (hello, hills and incline!) was a bit of an adjustment, but it also made the time go way faster. 30 minutes felt like nothing! I also may have been thinking about our celebratory post-race pizza for motivation … 😉

So, where do I go from here? More training and more races! I definitely want to build on my first 5k experience and continue to improve. I think a couple more 5ks would be good practice and experience, and then I hope to run a 10k in the near future. Other runners that I’ve talked to weren’t kidding – once you catch the runner’s high, it’s hard to stop!

Have you run a 5k? Any tips for my next race?

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