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My Style Isn’t Insta-Worthy, But I’m Sharing It Anyway

If there ever was a time to have a sarcastic sense of humor, reading the title of this post is that time. My style isn’t Insta-worthy, but I’m sharing it anyway is the best that I could come up with. But, frankly – I think it’s pretty funny if you know me well enough.

ANYWAYS. Here’s the thing – I love fashion. But, I realize that my outfits and style don’t exactly fit in with today’s blogland standards. It cracks me up that I used to classify myself as a fashion blogger and that I wrote style-specific posts. Seriously … if you need a good laugh, go through the archives of my Style page. Even though I’ve moved away from those types of posts, I still like to share recent fashion finds (like here, here and here) and I especially enjoy sharing more real-time outfit photos via Instagram. Who doesn’t these days? And, again I get it – my sense of style/brands/budget aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But, I’m going to share anyway. Okay? Okay.

My Style Isn't Insta-Worthy But I'm Sharing It Anyway

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If you’re actually interested in where some of my wardrobe comes from, I finally got around to creating a Shop My Instagram page! Simply hover over SHOP in the top navigation, and select Shop My Instagram in the drop-down menu. I was hesitant to do this for a while, but now I figure why not? I’m also working on a primary shop page where you can find all my favorite beauty-related products.

I truly admire all the full-fledged fashion/style bloggers out there. Their photography typically is some of the best, and their outfits provide endless inspiration. A few of my favorites are Maren at Midwest In Style, Maya at Charmingly Styled and Jess at The Golden Girl Blog. If you’re not following all these ladies, you definitely should! You’ll be caught in the Instagram rabbit hole for hours just perusing their photos.

If you’re feeling generous, you also could give me a follow. Knowing that my style isn’t Insta-worthy, but I’m sharing it anyway has to earn me some sort of street cred, right? 😉

What are your favorite Instagram accounts for style inspiration? 

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