Capturing Our Love Story At Home

I’m so excited to share photos from our recent lifestyle session today! Since we’ve finished most of the major projects in our home (on the first level, at least), I wanted to have new family photos taken not only to reflect us at this point in our lives but also show off the house a little bit. What can I say – I’m proud of all the work that we’ve put into this place! Plus, it’s no secret that Ryan and I are total homebodies, so it seemed fitting to take photos in our most comfortable space. We spent a fun afternoon with Alex, who I met a few years back through social media, and she couldn’t have done a better job capturing our love story at home.

The best part of working with Alex is that she’s not really into posed photos. Instead, she simply captures us as we would be in everyday moments. So, for Ryan and I that means laughing pretty much nonstop! I was worried that we were spoiling the experience, but it turns out genuine laughter really makes photos better.

Alex Good_Milwaukee_couples lifestyle sessionAlex Good_Milwaukee_couples lifestyle sessionAlex Good_Milwaukee_couples lifestyle session
Of course, no photo session is complete without an appearance or two from Finn! For a dog that loves to have his picture taken, he surprisingly wasn’t very into it that day so we had to force him to sit with us. A few of these really crack me up because we look like one of those couples doing newborn photos with their dog … which, let’s be honest I’m totally okay with. 😉

Alex Good Photography_Milwaukee_couples lifestyle session with dogAlex Good Photography_Milwaukee_couples lifestyle session with dogCapturing Our Love Story At Home
We were able to get a few pictures of us in our newly-finished master bedroom. How perfect is our wood sign as a backdrop?! I couldn’t have planned that better even if I tried.

couples lifestyle shoot master bedroomcouples lifestyle shoot with dog
Alex also took a few pictures of us outside, which I love! I’m not sure our street and backyard have ever looked prettier.

couples lifestyle session Fond du Lac, Wis.couples lifestyle photo session Fond du Lac, Wis.couples lifestyle session at home Fond du Lac, Wis.couples lifestyle home photo sessioncouples lifestyle photo session outside with dog
Capturing our love story at home honestly is an investment that I never knew we needed to make! These are some of the happiest, most genuine moments and photos that I have of Ryan and I. I attribute that to both Alex and simply being comfortable in our own space. It’s also so special to have our first home captured in this way – these pictures will be wonderful keepsakes down the road when we move on from this house.

What do you think about lifestyle photo sessions? Have you had one?

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Photos by Alex Good.

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  1. 6.27.17
    Ashley said:

    These pictures turned out so good and you look beautiful Karly!!

  2. 6.26.17

    I love at home photography sessions! My husband and I just bought our first house and I’m thinking of getting some taken! They turned out wonderful!

    • 6.27.17

      Yes, do it! I can’t highly recommend it enough, especially for first-time homeowners. They make such a nice keepsake!

  3. 6.26.17

    Love this, the photos came out great and I especially love that one of Finn in the bowtie!

  4. 6.26.17

    Beautiful photos, and love that even Finn made a cameo <3

    Green Fashionista

  5. 6.26.17

    I LOVE these! The decor of your house seems to fit the two of you perfectly, and I love how genuinely happy y’all look. Finn, too:)! Your neighborhood also looks like something out of a movie, with that sidewalk and trees overhead. And your landscaping. Ok, so all of it!

    • 6.26.17

      Ugh, you seriously are such the sweetest! Thank you! We definitely got lucky with our neighborhood – I always wanted to live somewhere with lots of mature trees, and that’s exactly what we got!

  6. 6.26.17

    Oh my you guys are so sweet! And your dog!!! <3

  7. 6.26.17
    katie arnold said:

    Beautiful pics! You and Ryan look so happy and love the ones including Finn!

  8. 6.26.17

    Your pictures turned out so beautifully, and it wouldn’t be a complete photo session with Finn and his adorable bow tie collar! Alex really did a good job of capturing how happy and comfortable y’all look while being at the house that you put so much effort into making your home!

    • 6.26.17

      Thank you, Ashley! It was so nice to have these pictures done at home – it helped relax us a bit, and I’m glad we captured our first home. Finn is such a ham for the camera – it cracks me up!

  9. 6.26.17
    Kay R. said:

    Love the photos! They turned out amazing!

  10. 6.26.17

    I love these!! How perfect to have them done in your home that you have worked so hard on together.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  11. 6.26.17

    Such great photos and what a cute dog!

  12. 6.26.17
    Pamela said:

    These pictures turned out so amazing girl! You both look so happy and can we talk about how gorgeous your makeup is?! Love this! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

    • 6.26.17

      Awe, thanks girlfriend! I think I might have to do a tutorial soon on my complete photo-ready makeup. I’ve gotten so many questions about it!

  13. 6.26.17

    This is so fun– she did such an amazing job, you can tell how natural and happy you guys are in all of the photos!

    • 6.26.17

      Thank you! We are awkward enough in front of the camera, so at least being at home helped ease that a bit, lol. 🙂