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Our Last Day in Florida at the Magic Kingdom

I think it’s so fitting that I’m listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack while I write this post. 😉 Anyways, our last day in Florida at the Magic Kingdom was everything we hoped for – sunny, warm and fun! We purposely saved our last day for Magic Kingdom because that’s where we had the most fun last year. We wanted to end the vacation on a high note!

Our Last Day in Florida at the Magic Kingdom - Magic Kingdom EntranceMagic Kingdom Main Street DayJumping in front of Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom
Just like I mentioned in my recap from our day at Hollywood Studios, I’m even more grateful for the pictures that we have from our trip last year since quite a bit was under construction at Magic Kingdom. You don’t exactly get the same effect with a fake facade of the train station, but hey – it works.

Since we really had the lay of the land down this time around, there was zero urgency on our end to get to anything. We had a few Fast Passes set up, but for the most part, we kind of just winged it. That’s probably not surprising since we packed SO much in during our two days at the park last year. (You can see part one and part two here). But, that made it so much more enjoyable. The crowds weren’t even that bad this particular day, so walking around to just take it all in was easy enough.

Being the girl that I am, we had to fit in a few meet ‘n’ greets that didn’t make the cut for last year’s princess parade. First up was Ariel. I forgot just how cute her little grotto is, and she was adorable and so personable! We had a lengthy discussion about hair and what products we use. These pictures crack me up because I’m so into it. Ha!

Ariel meet 'n' greetAriel meet 'n' greet talking about hairAriel meet 'n' greet 3Ariel meet 'n' greet in her grotto at Magic Kingdom
Next up, Ryan graciously waited in line with me to see Cinderella. In all honesty, she was a big disappointment. I got the impression that she thought I was too old to be there – I didn’t even get a hug! What Disney princess doesn’t hug someone?! She at least showed me her shoes, so that was fun enough.

Cinderella showing off her shoes during meet 'n' greet at Magic KingdomCinderella meet 'n' greet at Magic Kingdom
We also made an effort to meet Pluto before he was gone for the day. We tried to meet him last year, but the line always was so dang long. This was so worth it! I had so much fun watching him interact with those in front of us, and it was one of the cutest character meets that I’ve ever been a part of. The picture of Ryan kissing his nose is just precious to me. I think we both were missing Finn pretty hard at this point, so Pluto gave us some of that puppy love.

Hugging PlutoKissing Pluto's nose during meet 'n' greetPluto meet 'n' greet on Main Street at Magic Kingdom
After that, it was a lot of walking, eating, photo taking, and enjoying our last day of vacation. We left before the fireworks to beat the crowds.

Our Last Day in Florida at the Magic KingdomDisney Memory Maker Beauty and the Beast promoWalt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue at Magic KingdomCinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom at Night
When we first decided to head back to Disney, we were worried that it wouldn’t be as much fun as our first visit. We were so wrong! It was probably even more fun this time. It was so nice to leave with a full heart and aching cheeks from all the laughing and smiling. It’s true what they say that there’s no place else like it!

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