That Time I Didn’t Wear Makeup for 2 Weeks

For as long as I can remember, I always have been one of those girls that can’t leave the house without makeup on. Even to the gym I have to have on concealer, some powder and a light coat of mascara. I also don’t understand the whole application concept of a “no makeup” makeup look. For me, it’s either full glam (meaning contour, eye shadow, etc.) or nothing. (Full glam? Who am I, Kim Kardashian?) That is until recently during that time I didn’t wear makeup for 2 weeks. And, you know what? It’s the first time in a long time that I felt comfortable being me.

That Time I Didn't Wear Makeup for 2 Weeks
Now, let me just say that this wasn’t a planned thing. I didn’t wake up one morning and decide, hey! I’m not going to wear makeup for the next two weeks to see how it affects my mood! It really started when we got home from vacation and then I got sick, so I obviously didn’t feel like putting my face on most days. But, like I just said, it’s probably one of the best things that could’ve happened for me in a while.

My mood has kind of been yo-yo-ing all over the place, and part of that is because of some insecurities and self-esteem issues that I’ve been dealing with. Why do you think I never used to leave the house without makeup? I don’t have great skin, and I generally think I look horrible without anything on my face. In partial defense of myself, I LOVE makeup and the whole application process. I’ve even toyed with the idea in the past of getting my cosmetology license so I could do it professionally. But, when it starts to interfere with my schedule because it takes too damn long and I feel like I still don’t look good enough compared to other people, it’s obviously time to walk away from it for a bit.

I honestly never realized what a freeing experience it would be to not even think about applying makeup for a couple weeks. I still got dressed as normal and did my hair, but it was a hallelujah moment to eliminate the 30 to 45 minutes I usually spend on makeup. Ryan even said at one point that this was the best two weeks of our married life, ha! It helps when your husband finds you to be beautiful no matter what. Plus, my skin has never looked better! Sure, I still have a blemish here and there (when will I never not have that?). But, my skin feels healthy and I can tell that my skin care products work better without makeup clogging my pores. (I still use this three-step skin care regime.)

That Time I Didn't Wear Makeup for 2 Weeks, Finn and me

Finn is a fan of no makeup, too!

Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t an announcement that I’m going to stop wearing makeup for good. Yeah, right! I enjoy makeup and the way that it makes me feel in the appropriate time and place. And, this wouldn’t be much of a beauty blog anymore would it? 😉 However, that time that I didn’t wear makeup for 2 weeks restored a little bit of confidence in myself and took away some doubt. If feeling comfortable in my own skin, even au naturale, is what it takes to get me feeling like myself again, then that’s a greater gift than any makeup palette could ever deliver.

How do you feel about no-makeup days? Have you ever not worn makeup for an extended period of time?

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  1. 3.28.17
    kim kedinger said:

    Really? You went two weeks without makeup?!? Awesome! Girl, you have the best skin to rock a ‘no makeup’ look! The best part is you can always throw on a pair of workout clothes and that’s a good excuse not to put any on!!

    • 3.28.17

      Awe, thanks Kim! Of course, my face blew up at me overnight so it doesn’t look as nice as it did in these pictures. Go figure, lol.

  2. 3.27.17

    i am so happy for you girl, anything hat makes you more comfortable in your skin is a good thing. what you said about feeling bad because it didn’t look as good as other people’s – that’s how i feel. i am not good at makeup, and the more i try to be, the more i compare myself to other people and their makeup and come up short. i realise that’s on me, not anyone else, but still, it’s not a good feeling. and i can tell, when i wear proper makeup for more than a week or two, my skin freaks out. i wear concealer, a bit of powder or bb cream + mascara most days, and every now and again i will do a ‘full face’ which is still probably like nothing compared to most people, but instead of comparing and feeling like crap, i think ‘oh, this is fun and i look good!’. so, whatever works. and my skin is happier. and yes, not taking ages to get ready is huge!

    • 3.27.17

      thanks, sweet friend. And, I’m with you – as long as you do what makes you feel good, that’s all that matters!

  3. 3.22.17

    Girl you are gorgeous without makeup! Good for you. I have been wearing it less now that I am home with Ivy part time, and I must say I don’t hate it either.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • 3.23.17

      So sweet, thank you! I’m sure with a baby at home it’s hard to find time to do a full face of makeup. Probably a good thing I’m getting into this habit now so I’m not going crazy about it whenever I have a kid around!

  4. 3.22.17
    Ashley said:

    I love this! I usually go makeup free on Sunday’s and give my skin a bit of a breather, but on vacations I usually just reach for mascara and keep it simple!

  5. 3.22.17
    A said:

    You look great, and it’s sometimes hard to try not to worry what others see of us. I just see a person who looks great with or without makeup!

  6. 3.22.17

    Hi, you’re my new personal hero. Seriously – I loved this post, and I need to get in the habit of not wearing so much makeup everyday! xx

  7. 3.22.17

    Great post! It always feels so freeing to go without make up even for a day. I need to do it more often. I hardly do it anymore bc I also feel so self conscious without it! Even when I’m just at home. You look great and so does your skin!

    • 3.22.17

      I totally hear you, I used to be the same way! Even around the house, I had to have “my face” on. Thank you for your sweet words!

  8. 3.22.17

    Amazing post, and you look stunning! I never understood the “no makeup look” either, because if I’m going to make the effort then it’s full glam too lol <3

    Green Fashionista

  9. 3.22.17
    Christina Sotherden said:

    Love this! I love taking a makeup break.. since I just work with my family some days I barely put anything on. And the gym – never. I definitely don’t understand the put makeup on to look like your not wearing any either. Great post!

    • 3.22.17

      It’s so nice that you work with your family so you don’t always have to worry about being “made up” for work! I’m glad it’s not just me that doesn’t get the whole no makeup-makeup thing, lol.

  10. 3.22.17

    This is empowering to read! One of the downfalls of working in a school is that kids have NO filter- when I don’t wear makeup they never fail to mention it. This definitely sounds like something invigorating to try over one of the breaks for me! Your blue eyes shine no matter what, gorgeous girl!

    • 3.22.17

      No joke, your comments about how blue my eyes are have totally made me love them that much more! Thank you for that. 🙂 I can only imagine the no filter kids have! People still say, “oh, you look tired!” when I don’t have makeup on, but I’m learning to just roll with it … dark under eyes and all. 🙂

  11. 3.22.17

    I’ve been wearing a lot less makeup lately. I’ve completely stopped wearing foundation and concealer; instead, I just fill in my brows and put on some mascara. It’s really freeing to feel so comfortable in my own skin.

  12. 3.22.17

    Love this!! When I go to the gym on the weekends I never wear any makeup. It is a nice feeling. You are a beautiful person inside and out. I also laughed about what your husband said haha. Thank you for sharing and I hope that you enjoy your day today.

  13. 3.22.17

    Great post! Love this and am also a fan of taking a break from makeup. You look fabulous!

  14. 3.22.17

    Love this! It is always so refreshing to go without makeup for a bit – and you are gorgeous with and without!

    Southern Style

  15. 3.22.17

    Good for you for stepping away from something that was causing more stress than good! And for what it’s worth, I think you look BEAUTIFUL without makeup.

    • 3.22.17

      Such sweet words, thank you friend! I seriously was like, this is so stupid – makeup should not be stressful, lol. The break has done a world of good!

  16. 3.22.17

    Love that you shared this & you look gorgeous without makeup. I think this is something almost everyone can relate to at one time or another because it’s hard to be vulnerable.

    • 3.22.17

      Thank you so much for saying that! I’m always weary of writing/posting this kind of stuff, especially pictures with no makeup, but this is me and my real life! I figure if I’m going through something or feeling a certain way, I’m sure others out there are, too or have at some point or another. I think with all the crazy Instagram makeup, we need to remember that it’s just makeup and we are beautiful no matter what.

  17. 3.22.17
    Debra Stachelski said:

    As you know, I am a true minimilist when it comes to makeup, mostly because I’m very sensitive to so many products. Maybe I should be wearing a little more at my age, but I feel very comfortable in my natural state! I think it’s good to let your skin take a “breather” once in awhile, you look beautiful no matter what!

    • 3.22.17

      I’m glad you feel so comfortable with your natural skin – for whatever reason, I didn’t inherit that trait from you! But, I’m learning to be better!