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Kristin Ess at Target Hair Products Review

I’m the first to admit that while I’m extremely picky about my hair, I don’t put a lot of thought into what styling products I use. My natural hair is stick straight, so I usually don’t want to fight with it to make it do much else. But, Kristin Ess – hairdresser to Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale, among others – had to go and release a product line at Target so OF COURSE I had to give that a go. LC’s hair is mine (and pretty much every girl’s) dream hair, so how could I resist? I’ve been using these products religiously for a few weeks now, so I’m excited to give you my Kristin Ess at Target hair products review.

Kristin Ess at Target Hair Products Review
Let’s first state the obvious – how awesome is it that this line is available at Target? Nothing is more than $14, so the whole product line is super affordable. Win win, if you ask me. Oh, and that packaging? Swoon. I always am a fan of a product line that is pretty enough to leave out on my vanity.

Now, onto the products! This collection sold like mad at my local Target. I was lucky to snag two of the products that I had my eye on, and then I had my mom – who’s in another state, might I add – grab the third coveted product. Sometimes, it takes a village.

Grown-Up Detangle Spray

Because of the release of this product line, I thought it was time to upgrade my post-shower de-tangle spray. Yeah, up until this point I still bought Johnson & Johnson No More Tangles from the baby section. Sad, but true. But, I’m happy to report that the Weightless Shine Leave-In Conditioner is without a doubt my new favorite product. I’ve never been able to get a comb through my wet hair so easily! You don’t have to worry about using too much, either. The directions say five to 10 sprays, but I definitely have used way more than that with no issue. Your hair will feel incredibly soft after you air or blow dry and won’t be weighed down. Plus, the smell is very spa-like. Even Ryan has noticed how good my hair smells when it’s wet!

Recommendation: HELL YES.

Kristin Ess at Target Leave-In Conditioner

Beware the Texture Spray

What I figured would be my favorite product from the collection is actually my least favorite out of the three that I own. Now, hear me out – I don’t think there’s a thing wrong with the Dry Finish Working Texture Spray. It smells great, and it gives your hair that matte, gritty feeling. For me personally, I just don’t think it agrees with my hair type and texture. While I’d love to achieve that Instagram-worthy effortless bedhead, it’s just not in the cards for my hair. I think this would be better used on someone with a ridiculous amount of layers or who already has some natural texture and wave. Also, be cautious to not use too much of this. I tried using it on brushed-out waves one day, and I was left with a stiff and sticky texture. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Recommendation: Take caution depending on your natural hair.

Kristin Ess at Target Working Texture Spray

Not-Your-Average Sea Salt Spray

Now, this spray is what I expected from the texture spray! The Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray is everything your waves and curls desire and more. You barely need any of this product to get that piecey, undone look after you curl your hair. It kind of roughens up your hair a little bit so nothing is too perfect. The beach spray also is pretty soft on your hair, which is a bonus since most sea salt sprays tend to dry out strands. And, you’ll also get a nice shine! I’m not sure if this tops my holy grail John Frieda Sea Salt Spray, but this Kristin Ess version stands out since you only have to use it on dry hair and not also on wet hair before you blow dry.

Recommendation: Yes, if you enjoy the “undone” look.

Kristin Ess at Target Beach Wave Spray
So, my final thoughts? The Kristin Ess hair product line is an affordable chic and modern hair product line that most women will want to try. There’s a wide-range of products available, and with everything at $14 or less you don’t have to feel guilty about overhauling your hair care routine!

Have you tried hair products from the Kristin Ess at Target collection? Anything else I should pick up to test?