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How to Get the Hair That You Want

Happy Monday, friends! We are back from vacation, and it’s good to be home … minus being back in the cold weather. I’m sure it will take me a few days to catch up and readjust! Anyways, since I’ve been on a hair kick lately I wanted to jump on today to chat about how to get the hair that you want.

How to Get the Hair That You Want, Kim Kedinger Photography 2017
I have gone through many, MANY hairstyles and colors, as well as stylists throughout the years. I’m by no means an expert, but I do like to think that I know a thing or two about how to go into a hair appointment prepared. Whether you’re a seasoned hair salon-goer like me or only have gone a few times, these tips will help you and your stylist achieve the style that you desire.

| Check social media pages. In today’s world, it would be pretty odd if a salon and/or stylist didn’t have some sort of social media page. Facebook seems to be the most popular for salons because they can list all their information and share photos of styles created by different hairdressers. This is a good way to get a look at the salon (for cleanliness, product lines, etc.), as well to get a feel for what stylist that you want to see. It’s all about research!

| Schedule a consultation. I don’t mean the consultation that you and your stylist have before your regular appointment. I’m talking about scheduling a whole separate appointment that is solely dedicated to a discussion of what you’re looking to achieve. I did this for the first time with my last hair appointment, and it makes a big difference. There is no pressure because the stylist isn’t going to do anything that day, and you’re able to get all and any questions answered. That way, there’s no surprises the day of the actual hair appointment! Most salons will do this free of charge – just call to ask.

| Bring photos of what you like. Bring even more photos of what you DON’T like. This is not a new concept – a picture says a thousand words. It’s helpful for your stylist to have a visual. What I have discovered over the years, though is that it’s even more helpful to bring photos of hair that you dislike. Create a Pinterest board with photos of what you both like and dislike, and walk through each with your stylist.

| Speak up! Before your stylist gets to work, go over everything again from your consultation so that there’s no doubt in your mind. Similarly, when your stylist is finished don’t automatically assume that the appointment is finished. I have walked out of the salon one too many times unhappy with my hair, and then I get upset about the wasted money and not speaking up. Hair dressers want their clients to be happy and feel confident after an appointment, so they typically will do their best to fix whatever issues you may have. Even if they can’t fix it on the same day, they should work with you to schedule a follow-up appointment a few days later.

There you have it – four tips of advice on how to get the hair that you want. If you only take one thing away from this post, just remember to be specific and thorough with your stylist before he/she does anything. Now, go forth and get that beautiful hair!

What tips do you have for working with your hair stylist?