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The First Friday in February & Links

Can anyone else believe that we’re already into the second month of 2017? It’s complete madness! I won’t complain too much, though since there’s so much to look forward to in February. Plus, I feel like since I made it through this week in one piece that I can conquer the rest of the month with my sanity and emotions in check.

The First Friday in February & Links
If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that this week started with what I dubbed flash snow. You know, like a flash flood but with snow. No joke that we got around two plus inches of snow in an hour. It was kind of fun to watch while it was happening, but we’re kind of over the whole snow blowing and shoveling thing.

So, snow plus high-running emotions plus a roller coaster of moods, it just wasn’t the best week. BUT, we did manage to sneak away during Ryan’s day off to see Jackie. It’s a heartbreaking movie, but if you’re interested in The Kennedy’s and/or that time in history then it’s worth your while. I thought Natalie Portman did a fantastic job!

In other news, here’s a few of my favorite links from around the Web this week.

| If you’re a regular Nordstrom shopper, make sure you review their new return policy.

| The cast of 50 Shades Darker is out in full force doing press for the movie. I died laughing at Jamie Dornan’s skit with Ellen and Dakota Johnson’s mad lib scene with Jimmy Fallon.

| Taylor’s response to “the travel ban” is a great read if you also are struggling to make sense of everything going on right now.

| In case you missed posts around here this week, I shared my drugstore beauty wish list and why we’re far more alike than we are different.

Have a wonderful weekend – talk to you all next week!