2.10.17 32

Friday Confessions

Happy Friday, all! I really love to read other people’s confessions posts, but I rarely ever do one of my own. Why is that?! Well, today I’m ready to change that. This definitely won’t be a regular thing, but I have some random thoughts and rants that I thought would be perfect for Friday confessions.

Friday Confessions
| I barely have been on Snapchat or Instagram Stories lately because I am a MESS. My skin is going through some weird rewind back to my teenage days, and I hate my hair so much right now that it’s either always in a messy bun or under a baseball hat. #thirdwordproblems, I know.

| The purge-the-house game is still going strong. I feel like Emily Gilmore in the Gilmore Girls revival when Lorelai walks in on her getting rid of everything. Looks at dress. “No joy.” 

| I’ve re-watched Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime performance every single day this week.

| Does anyone else feel like Jack Pearson on This Is Us is TOO perfect?! I mean, no “real” guy does the type of things that Jack does. Do they? Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love his character, but come on.

| Earlier this week, I wasn’t feeling very well so I had a can of Spaghettio’s for dinner. Then, when Ryan got home from work, he made me a grilled cheese. I’m okay with eating like a five year old on occasion.

| I am less-than-impressed with a hair product from from the Kristin Ess for Target line I thought would be the best (cough, working texture spray). That said, I love the other two products I have and can’t wait to share my thoughts.

| For no reason whatsoever, my impending 28th birthday has me seriously freaked out. Not that 27 was some stellar year, but I’m just not ready to be two years away from 30. At least we’ll be celebrating my birthday away on vacation!

There you have it, my Friday confessions! Now, it’s time to head out to meet up with my brother and see The Lego Batman Movie. Yes, we’re being that cool today. 🙂

Have a great weekend!