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Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Back when the holiday season began, Ryan and I made a pact to step away from home projects for a few weeks. We had been going nonstop all year, so it was nice to walk away and recharge. Now, we’re ready to get back at it! First up on our agenda is redoing our master bedroom, so I spent many a nights on Pinterest during our holiday break to research modern farmhouse master bedroom design ideas.

Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom Design Ideas

A little backstory about this room first …

The funny thing about our master bedroom is it actually was the first room that we attempted to renovate when we moved in. We painted the room, including the trim and windows, all in one weekend, bought a new light fixture, and called it a day. I’m literally laughing as I sit here writing this looking back on how clueless we were. No amount of paint (which is getting changed, big surprise) was going to fix the real issue – our furniture!

We actually have a beautiful, quality-made set of furniture. The only problem is that IT’S ALL BLACK. Some of you might be wondering what’s wrong with that, and the truth is really nothing. However, we purchased that furniture when we still were living in an apartment because we were desperate not to sleep on a full-size bed anymore. We had no idea at the time that we would buy our first house more than a year later and that our design aesthetic (okay, my design aesthetic) and taste in furniture would change. Now whenever I walk into our bedroom, all I see is a black hole of darkness. That could be because our room doesn’t get the best natural light, buuuuut let’s just attribute it to the furniture for the sake of this post. 🙂

Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom Design Ideas room setup

headboard | dresser | nightstand | chair | wall lamp | curtains | bedding

So obviously, the biggest change this room will see is our furniture! Our hope is to sell our current set – except our mattress/box spring – on Craigslist to offset the cost of our new stuff. I’ve seen other people and bloggers have success with this tactic, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we have the same luck.

We know that we want an upholstered headboard. A lot of my research for modern farmhouse master bedroom design ideas came back with iron/metal headboards, but I still like that look more for a guest room. Plus, both Ryan and I do a majority of our reading while sitting up in bed, so we want something that is comfortable against our backs. Neither of us were too keen on any of the tufted headboards that we found, so I was thrilled to find slipcover headboard options. This one from Birch Lane is my favorite because of the ties on either side. It adds that little bit of farmhouse charm. We are just waiting to receive fabric swatches before we make a final decision.

Our soon-to-be dresser was the easiest decision. The construction is the same high-quality as our current dresser but with the right look. I love the hardware and light distressing. We probably also will choose to go with white nightstands. Let’s face it – I love white! It’s easier to add color, pattern or other rustic touches with a blank slate.

And of course, we can’t forget about the details and accents! Don’t you think some lace curtain panels would look dreamy? We bought this bedding ages ago, and I can’t wait to finally have it out! I also hope to hang up new light fixtures and add  a corner accent chair among other things.

So, those are my modern farmhouse master bedroom design ideas thus far. It will be fun to kick off the year with the renovation of a space that is meant solely for Ryan and I (Finn, too!).