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Happy Friday & a Few Links

Happy Friday, people! Whew, what a long week – right? I seriously felt like it never would end. That’s probably because I’ve barely left the house! Between frigid temperatures, freezing rain and three unexpected inches of snow, there wasn’t much percentage in driving around. It’s a miracle in itself that for once I/we didn’t need anything from the store. But, I definitely intend to make up for lost time this weekend!

Happy Friday & a Few Links

What a majority of this week looked like – cozy blankets, books and hot beverages in cute mugs. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

Ryan is home from work for the weekend, so we finally are off to see La La Land this afternoon. I already concluded that I’m going to fall in love and be obsessed with this movie, so it better not disappoint. Who else has seen it? Is it as amazing as I’ve heard it is? Beyond that, it probably will be much of the same around here – errands, house work and whatever other shenanigans we get ourselves into. When we’re together, there’s rarely a dull moment!

Before I leave to sing show tunes around the house to get in the mood for the movie (who am I kidding? I do this all the time anyways), here are a few of my favorite links from the week.

| Kristin Ess, the hairdresser responsible for Lauren Conrad’s locks and several other celebrities, is launching a hair product line at Target. *cue the excited squeals*

| Who knew that Amazon had such an awesome selection of vintage-inspired decor? Also, make sure to take a look around Sarah’s blog – it is one of my absolute favorites.

| These days, I’ve been using this relaxed waves tutorial to style my hair at least every other day. A 1.5″ barrel curling iron makes all the difference for that effortless look. I purchased and love this affordable option.

| I’m new to spaghetti squash, but this recipe for greek spaghetti squash toss has me willing to give it a try.

| Did you see what house project that we’re tackling next? I shared all the inspiration for our dream modern farmhouse master bedroom earlier in the week.

Have a great weekend! Talk to you next week!

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