A Look Ahead at 2017

Happy New Year, friends! I hope that your 2017 is off to a great start. Just like everybody else, I love the clean slate that a new year brings. It’s a time of inspiration, motivation and fresh ideas. While I’m definitely not one for resolutions – let’s face it, those stick for about a month anyways – I’m all about setting goals and dreaming big. So, I want to take a look ahead at 2017 and what I hope to achieve throughout the year.

A Look Ahead at 2017

Get a Move On & Eat Right

This is without a doubt my primary focus for 2017. While I’m certainly not overweight, I don’t feel good in my skin. Numbers aren’t everything, but I do have a number written down of how many pounds I’d like to lose in the first quarter of the year. No more yo-yo exercising – it’s time to get serious! I need to find a routine that I can stick to – my vision is a class one to three times a week with my own workouts in between. And, of course, we need to get back on track with meal planning. I received a few new cookbooks for Christmas that will serve as good motivation in this department. We also want to try a meal delivery service, such as Hello Fresh, so we are less tempted to eat out or order in.

Learn That It’s Okay Not to Have a Plan ( … Relax & Have Fun)

I’m definitely a Type A plan girl, but that is taking a serious toll lately. I sometimes find myself irritable when I don’t have a plan, and even worse I get crabby at Ryan or whoever if they suggest we do something outside the plan. How ridiculous is that? Life is meant to be lived outside the lines, and that’s when some of the best memories are made. I won’t totally give up making plans, but I want to be more intentional to live in the moment and go with the flow. My hope is that if I’m aware of this tendency that I will learn to give up some control and instead relax and have some fun for a change.

Do Something New

Being at home all the time can be monotonous, so I want to try something new that can either be an escape or another creative outlet. I’d love to find a hand letting class or workshop, or maybe we could try one of those cooking classes. Regardless of what it is, the goal is to get out of the house and try my hand at something different and/or outside my comfort zone.

Continue to Grow the Blog & Social Media

So, I definitely slacked off a bit the last couple months of last year – it happens! I have a mile-long list with ideas and tasks to get myself refocused and hopefully back on a path that will see increased engagement and growth. While content won’t drastically change, there will be a greater focus on life (get ready for lots of home decor!) and beauty topics. That is the type of blogger that I always set out to be, and I think I lost my voice and direction a little bit throughout the last year. As always, I’m happy to hear what you enjoy/don’t enjoy seeing here and if you have any suggestions! I also am working hard to make more of an effort on the social media side of things. If you’re doing the same, let’s help each other out! I’m @msinthemidwest everywhere.

Be Present

In a technology-dominated world, this is everyone’s goal – right? It’s an important one to continue to strive toward. Throughout the holidays, there were several days that I didn’t look at my phone once or even think about it for that matter. It was such a weight off my shoulders! I want to hold onto that feeling all the time. I know that’s not possible these days, but I hope to set aside at least one day a week – especially when Ryan is home from work – to disconnect and not worry about the social sphere.

Alright, people – there’s a look ahead at 2017 from my neck of the woods. I would love to know what your resolutions or goals for 2017 are! I know that if we all strive to be intentional with our actions that we can achieve anything that we set our minds to.


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  1. 1.5.17

    you go girl! if you need an accountability partner or snapchat workout friend, i’m your girl! i have a number of lbs i’d like to lose as well, though i’m taking it in small goals and not focusing on the big number just yet. i totally get cranky if we do something outside of a plan as well. i can do things with a plan, and without a plan, but once a plan is made, we cannot deviate. it makes me so cranky! something i’m working on. hope 2017 is a great year for you!

    • 1.5.17

      YES! Please motivate me and keep me accountable when it comes to the gym. I seriously need it.

      • 1.6.17

        i’m down! had some not so great things happen this week that threw me off but i should be good at getting back into it tomorrow or monday, so prepare to be bombarded with snaps!

  2. 1.5.17

    I love your resolutions, lady! You can do whatever you set your mind to- and you are so focused in this post, I know that’ll transfer to 2017. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. 1.5.17

    I’m trying to join you in the “try something different” category. I was talking to a friend last night, and she said that she and her family (who was in town during Christmas) took an improv class! My first thought was “NO WAY – way too scary…” and then I thought that it miiiight be kind fun. I’m definitely wanting to branch out in 2017 and try something different, too!

    • 1.5.17

      So, so fun! My brother, who is one of the shyest people I know, did a few improv classes last year and absolutely loved it. I hope you try something new this year!

  4. 1.5.17

    Love these goals! Yes to being more present. I’ve been so bad about that in 2016. I want to focus more on face to face quality time with family and friends!

  5. 1.4.17
    Jessica said:

    Are we wanting the same thing?! Hahaha I mean all your goals are basically mine 🙂 Cheers to 2017!!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  6. 1.4.17

    Being more present is one of my goals too! Trying to live in the moment can be hard when there’s so much going on, so it’s always nice to have a reminder. Happy 2017 lady! xx

  7. 1.4.17

    Good goals! Sometimes I struggle with growing the blog/socials and also being present. Ugh!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  8. 1.4.17

    Love this! Number 1 on your list is on mine as well – I’ve started actually putting in my workouts in my schedule and that is helping. Eating healthy for me is the hardest part because we are always on the go!

    Southern Style

    • 1.4.17

      That is such a smart idea – I should start writing in my gym time in my planner so I can’t come up with an excuse to skip it.

  9. 1.4.17

    Yesss to all of this! Trying something new and being present are going to be huge goals for me this coming year as well. Cheers to 2017 gurlie <3

    Green Fashionista

  10. 1.3.17
    Emily Dunham said:

    Eating better is definitely on deck for me this year, too! I get irritable sometimes, too, when a plan go ary or things change, so I totally understand the need to relax and go with the flow a bit more!

  11. 1.3.17

    I’m excited to see more beauty and home decor posts from you- they always help me out:)! And taking a class like hand lettering sounds so fun- I’m hoping youtube will help me with that soon!

    • 1.3.17

      Thanks, girl! I’m happy to hear that. I definitely have lost my voice the last few months, so I’m excited to get back on track.

  12. 1.3.17

    I love that you want to take a break from technology every now and then. I find myself getting too wound up in it too, and the break over the holidays has been great! And I always struggle with staying with a workout plan too, but we can both do it this year!

  13. 1.3.17

    Such a great breakdown of what you want to do in the coming year! Trying out a fitness class is definitely on my list for the new year. Its only been a couple of days, but I’ve cut way back on being mindless on my phone, and I think I can already tell a difference!

    • 1.3.17

      Yes! So nice, isn’t it? I enjoyed being disconnected most days throughout the holiday. It just puts stuff in perspective.

  14. 1.3.17

    Yes to all of these, especially being present. I really want to “set a schedule” for my blogging and stick to it, that way I don’t let it consume me and take away from family time. And I’m also wanting to grow my social media…just gave you a follow on IG (beautywithlily) — your dog is adorable! 🙂
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  15. 1.3.17
    Jenn said:

    Loving all of your goals for the year. Sometimes the number on the scale doesn’t matter–it’s how you feel, so I’m full of support for you! And a huge yes from the Type A planner in me…I feel you!

    • 1.3.17

      Thank you for the support! I know I’ll never look like I did back when I was 20 again, but I know that I can feel better about myself. Happy 2017!

  16. 1.3.17
    Pamela said:

    Yes to ALL of this! I’m a Type A planner too so I love your goal to relax, have fun and not always have a plan. I think I Need to steal that one for myself! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  17. 1.3.17

    I love all your goals girl and they are definitely a lot that resonate with me as well.

  18. 1.3.17
    Debra Stachelski said:

    I think these are all great goals, and knowing you, definitely achieveable! I would love to know how you like the meal delivery service if you try it, that is a definite area I really need to work on!

  19. 1.3.17

    HelloFresh has been such a game changer for us while we have tried to eat out less! I think you guys would really like it!

  20. 1.3.17
    Ashley said:

    Love these goals girl! I’m trying to work on being more present too. It’s so important!

  21. 1.3.17
    Biana Perez said:

    You can definitely attack each of these goals and make them happen!! I think cooking classes would be so much fun, I actually signed Gary and myself up for one at the new Eataly in Boston!! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston